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Baskonia-Alavés, Sports Technology

What is the specific role of digital transformation in the context of a sports team like Baskonia-Alavés?

Before we begin, I’d like to provide a brief background on our team for those unfamiliar with our organization.

The Baskonia-Alavés group is made up of various sports organizations and centers. We have two football teams, one in Spain and the other in Croatia, Alaves and NK Istra respectively. Both compete in their countries’ first division. Additionally, we have a basketball team called Baskonia, which plays in the ACB and Euroleague.

We also have a multi-sports center with various facilities. There, amateurs and professionals can practice sports like basketball, paddle tennis, swimming and ice hockey. We also have fitness, wellness, spa and restaurant areas. All in one place.

To all this, we must add the new university, Unis, which started its journey in 2022, with degrees in the world of health, technology and sports. Of course, we are the only group in Spain that brings together sports organizations and centers of this kind.

What is your role in the Baskonia-Alavés group?

I am the Group’s Digital Transformation Director. My job is to define and implement the strategy from a technical perspective, allowing all companies of the group and all business and sports areas to achieve their objectives.

What is the most important aspect you should highlight in your digital transformation strategy?

Data source integration

From subscribers, tickets, attendance and merchandise purchases to sponsorship sales, we have achieved unprecedented integration of our data sources. This integration has provided us with valuable information about the state of the organization and the processes and technologies behind each piece of information.

Creating a data lake

All this data is brought together in a framework called a data lake, specifically designed for in-depth analysis of the information. Through this grouping, we were able to realize and improve the quality of the data. Cleanliness and accuracy of data has become our priority, which leads us to educate those who create it about its importance. Defining coding criteria and developing strategies to identify each fan at our points of contact is essential.

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The data lake is dual purpose

Analytics: The data lake enables not only descriptive analytics with clear visualizations, but also advanced predictive analytics. We identify fan segments based on their interactions, which can significantly improve our communication strategies.

Integration with CRM

Information from the data lake goes directly into our CRM, giving us a 360° view of our fans. This allows us to tailor communications to each segment’s characteristics and needs.

Shifting towards a data culture

We are evolving towards a data-centric culture. From the people who collect the information to the way we manage, analyze and act on that data, everything is moving towards a 360° view. Our goal is to create a personal monitoring and connection with our fans and players.

Change is clear, and on this path, data is our compass. This journey towards data-driven excellence requires your valuable collaboration and leadership.

What other initiatives can you highlight in this change process?

Along with the program known as DATO, we have used some basic and essential programs:

ERP implementation for all group companies

  • Creating a single sign-on so that a single sign-on is displayed across all digital assets is key to getting that 360° view of the fan.
  • Deployment of a new solution for points of sale in physical stores.
  • Development of new websites and new online stores.
  • Implement CRM and marketing automation solutions at the team level, work with team data from the data lake, define fan journeys and automate personalized interactions with the fan.
  • Implementation of a new solution for the restaurant and bars of the Buesa and Mendizorrotza stadiums (38 points) and the Bakh Multisports Center.
  • Season ticket sales, tickets, sales in stores, sales in bars, reservations for use in facilities, courses, campuses and sponsorships: solutions must be updated to meet Ticketbai’s requirements at all billing points.
  • Internal collaboration solution.
  • Electronic signature solution, streamlining processes that require multiple document approvals.
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What digital innovation initiatives do you have planned for the future?

Constantly moving forward, implementing new solutions in various areas, some projects are under consideration. This is what enables smart urinals that provide urine analysis in different aspects; The initial indicator of hydration levels is aimed at both athletes and amateurs.

We have introduced solutions with blockchain technology in various areas such as ticketing, loyalty programs and collections. We participate in games like Fortnite and Outerring and are always looking for alternative ways to connect with younger fans.

We are engaged in enabling immersive experiences through virtual reality technology in various arenas, shops and multisport centers.

We’ve contacted an American supplier whose board has developed a giant tablet that allows you to view scores and stats, as well as play remotely with another user on another system.

An OTT (streaming service such as Netflix or DAZN) is one of the solutions we need to implement to increase fan engagement with different teams in the group at some point.

How do you ensure you stay up-to-date with the latest technology trends in the world of sports?

With various actions:

First, take time every day to learn and learn what is being done in other leagues, in other countries, in the administration of a club or sports federation and in all areas of the game.

Second, take specific training, usually online.

Third, look for integrated or innovative market solutions from the myriad of existing startups.

Fourth, communicate and share experiences with professionals working in this field of sports: club and federation experts, technical providers, university professors, consultants, athletes…

Fifth, attend conferences, which are increasingly common in many parts of the world.

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