Entrepreneurship, science and technology, key topics for legislation: Mancu Granatos – El Heraldo de Chihuahua

María Angelica 'Manque’ Granados TrespalaciosCommented the candidate for federal representative for District 06 for the Fuerza y ​​​​Corazón por México coalition. Entrepreneurship, science and technology will be some of the key topics that legislators want to address. From the House of Representatives to promote the development of the country.

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At the same time he made this comment Meeting with members of sales and marketing executives of Chihuahua AC, (EVM). He spoke to them and raised many concerns about the major issues affecting the country and the company.

Missing Granadosx presented the work of the federal representatives of the PAN, PRI and PRD from the Chamber of Deputies. The promotion of better conditions in terms of employment, security, education and health, as well as their joint defense against the general principles of the Federation which abandoned the institution.

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Along with the candidate Federal Representative for District 08, Alejandro Dominguez and his running mate, Alejandra Enriquez, The applicant shared his interest Resume and in-depth review of entrepreneurship lawsMining, Settlement and Science and Technology.

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„We’re going Join us with the federal proposals of our candidate Xóchitl Gálvez, „To bring back full-time schools, to review the Science and Technology Act, because today the budget for innovation is zero, and it’s the driving force of education to a certain extent,” he said.

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He explained that he was resuming the Entrepreneurship Act Go through basic issues like training and certification for small and medium businesses, As well as immigration law, Chihuahua is a border state and migration is an issue that needs attention.

Finally Granados Trespalacios called on participants to vote for coalition candidates Fuerza y ​​​​Corazón por México.By her in the Sixth District and Alex Dominguez in the Eighth Federal District.

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