Mercedes E-Class Estate 2024: We bring you better design and technology than ever before!

In a few weeks, the new Mercedes E-Class Saloon will go on sale at all European dealers. The star brand is now waiting for the moment to offer a family variant of the Mercedes E-Class Estate. The last of its family species to hit the market in 2024, loaded with technology, we present to you in this preview.

Competition is tightening more than demand, and at the same time, the technology banner’s role is, again, Mercedes E Class This marks a significant delay in the introduction of the new generation of the saloon. therefore, Relatives will also arrive a few months late. To a large extent, this is justified by the advancement of technology on board and different plug-in hybrid versions.

The new Mercedes E-Class Estate is undergoing its final tests, despite not ditching the camouflage that covers most of the body. A physical variant Very practical and versatile, capacity for five passengers It doesn’t give up the modern design you can see in this preview. A Entertainment It presents an elegant family car, while also being very sporty, sharing the front end with the saloon Triangular pilots arranged horizontally at the back continue And a modern illuminated graphic with large stars inside.

The new Mercedes E-Class All-Terrain will join the latest generation E-Class Estate.

The new Mercedes E-Class estate offers space and technology

A key design for what will be the last family member of the Star brand when it reaches its commercial life cycle at the end of the decade. A few more millimeters in the wheelbase –The E-Class is like a saloon– and with Additional rear overhang increases luggage volume in the bootIn addition to more legroom in the rear seats, these passengers are more comfortable.

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The new Mercedes E-Class estate doesn’t give up much more than technical equipment, on the contrary. Although it benefits from the sedan’s extensive standard and optional equipment, it also features Self-leveling air suspension In equipped versions 4MATIC all-wheel driveBesides 4.5º active steering on the rear axle, which can be increased up to 10º optional. A combination of luxury and technology, including sophisticated pixel LED headlights, projected onto asphalt or pavement. „MBUX Hyperscreen” dashboard With three digital screens.

Mercedes E-Class Estate 2024 to get six manuals, three PHEVs

The range of mechanics will be the same as the E-Class saloon, with six options in between petrol, diesel and three PHEVs That they will deliver The maximum autonomy is 120 kilometers and the maximum speed is 140 km/h Electrically. The six options are a choice between a 9-speed automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive or all-out „4MATIC”. The German brand will present the latest generation of the E-Class estate this autumn, It will arrive in European dealerships in spring 2024.

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