Malaysia tops both public and private ASEAN university rankings

Used HELed by QS players and aiming to disrupt the ranking sphere, Malaysian institutions topped both tables, with six in the top 10 in the private university rankings and four in the public table.

Number One Public University The National University of MalaysiaBased in Banki, the number one private company Sunway University In Kuala Lumpur.

According to AppliedHE’s Special Adviser Pieter Stek, “Malaysian universities continue to perform well across all indicators.

[Malaysia’s performance] May be related to resources. Malaysia has relatively high income levels and a large, internationally competitive higher education sector, which brings in additional funding.

„For their size, Singapore and Brunei are doing well,” Steck told The PIE.

Brunei saw two of its 11 universities in the rankings. University of Brunei Darussalam And Brunei University of Technology Ranked eighth and ninth in the top 20 public universities.

of Singapore National University of Singapore And Nanyang Technological University It ranked second and fourth in the same rankings.

About 40 universities originally submitted data on the rankings, and data for universities that did not report were also compiled from public sources, including media reports and research publications.

„For other data, such as student perceptions of teaching and learning and community engagement, and employment, we used estimates based on data submitted by other universities or national statistics,” Steck added.

This is the first year that AppliedHE has added a public university ranking to its system — something Steck said was always the intention from the ranking’s inception.

„An important point to note is that we rank public and private universities separately, which we believe better reflects their different missions and funding models,” Steck noted.

„For their size, Singapore and Brunei are also doing well.”

In both separate rankings, Indonesia featured the most, with its companies ranked sixth and tenth to twelfth in the private index, and third, eleventh to thirteenth, fifteenth, sixteenth and eighteenth in the public index.

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Rankings are selected based on various factors – 40% weighted on quality of teaching and learning; 15-20% of employment; Then there are factors like social involvement, reputation, research and internationalization.

„AppliedHE fills an important need in the global higher education assessment landscape by focusing on the quality of teaching and learning and specifically on employability and the future of work,” he said. Malaysian Qualifications Agency The CEO is Mohammed Shadar bin Sabran.

„It does [these rankings] Especially relevant for Malaysian students and parents when deciding where to study,” he added.

Top 10 in private ranking is Sunway. Crick University (Thailand), USCI University (Malaysia), Taylor University (Malaysia), Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur, Pina Nusantara University (Indonesia), Asian Metropolitan University (Malaysia), Petronas University of Technology(Malaysia), Paragon International University (Cambodia) and Indonesian Technocrat University.

In general ranking, top 10 places are UKM, NUS, IPB University (Indonesia), Nanyang, Mahidol University (Thailand), Putra University Malaysia, University of MalayaUniversiti Brunei Darussalam, Universiti Teknologi Brunei, and University Science Malaysia.

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