Biogenesis’ commitment to technology in animal health, on the Effegro Podcast

Argentinian company Biogenesis Bagó, with a special focus on vaccines and a strong commitment to advancing technology and transferring knowledge in the world of animal health, stars in the new podcast Efeagro Punto de Encuentro.

On this occasion we were visited by Rodolfo Belinzoni, the company’s Director of Industrial Operations and Innovation for Spain, who spoke about the great evolution and change the company has experienced in the animal health sector over 30 years.

Listen to the full podcast Here

During the conversation, Bellinzoni focuses specifically on the progress they have made in the development of the foot-and-mouth disease vaccine, where they are world leaders.

In fact, it is one of the vaccines and products through which they transfer their technology and know-how to service over the years. Areas that need the most in the fight against this disease It affects many animal species in livestock production and accounts for two-thirds of the world’s population.

In the desire to put a stop to it to the progression of this pathologyBiogenesis Bagó is a supplier of antigen banks in various countries.

They are banks that accumulate crores Sizes of major strains of virus If it is necessary to use them in an emergency, it is described in detail.

He believes that within efforts to prevent foot-and-mouth disease, affected countries need to develop appropriate vaccination programs, thorough surveillance of the disease and its viral activity, timely detection of new variants of the virus, and good coordination. between public and private institutions.

Among other issues, Bellinzoni notes The importance of the concept of „one health” should be affirmedNot just human and animal health, but also food safety.

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And, as he explains, 70% of human diseases come from animals, so vaccination is a „key” tool to „control and prevent” these diseases in livestock and humans until they are eradicated.

At that time, remember the giant scientific leap made by Covid to develop vaccines in record time, and it was a revolution that was „perceived” in the advent of new technologies and many more products. Fast.”

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