Another 'golden 30 years’ proposal by Xi is important for the Asia-Pacific

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s proposal for another „30 years” of cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region is important in the current global climate, a Cambodian expert has said.

Xi’s proposal „demonstrates China’s unwavering commitment to deepening cooperation in various fields with all countries to achieve high-quality development and win-win results in the Asia-Pacific region,” said Khin Phia, director general of Cambodia’s Institute of International Relations. Asked to comment on Xi’s speech at the 30th APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting

Bia said securing another „30 years of gold” for the Asia-Pacific region would „create a peaceful, prosperous, inclusive and stable region where all countries work together to build a better future for all”.

The benefits of building a golden future for the Asia-Pacific region include increased economic growth, job creation and improved living standards.

Regardless of their size or power, all countries are equal partners and have a voice in shaping the future of the region, although the region now faces challenges such as global economic recession, rising geopolitical tensions, climate change, inequality and poverty, Phea said.

„To meet these challenges, we must promote free trade and investment, strengthen regional cooperation, support sustainable development, and promote peace and mutual understanding,” he said.

Also, regional cooperation on counter-terrorism, disaster preparedness and climate change can build trust and understanding, create a more stable environment, protect the environment and reduce conflicts, the expert said.

Noting China’s key role in global development, Phea said China has worked closely with all like-minded international communities to maintain and restore confidence in multilateralism and globalization.

„China has always shared the benefits of its peaceful development with the rest of the world through global initiatives such as the Global Development Initiative, the Belt and Road Initiative and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership. For the sake of humanity,” Bia noted.

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