Futuro Imperfecto Festival: Art, Journalism and Technology

The festival is part of a space for international exchange between Latin American media leaders and researchers located in different parts of the world. And one of its aims was to map out the formulas for renewing journalistic language and the interpretation of the great themes of the period.

Designed and produced by Anfibia, the program is implemented in collaboration with the National University of San Martin (UNSAM), the British Council, the Master of Narrative Journalism (ANFIBIA-UNSAM) and the Barcelona School of Management. University Pompeu Fabra, Complutense University of Madrid, Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain), University of Texas, Northwestern University (USA) and University of Los Andes (Colombia).

Within the framework of Futuro Imperfecto, Allergan will work on his new creation „testosterone” performance, together with Vega, and will also have researchers from Croatia, Colombia, Cuba, Chile, Mexico, Spain, USA and UK. To discuss environmental degradation, the rise of the right, the diversity of identities and the new languages ​​of screens, how they reclaim us.

Scheduled tables include Carrion’s „The Future of Art and Technology Tells What’s Real”; and another on the social-ecological crisis with Alejandro Ponce de Leon, creator of the Environmental Humanities blog; National Director of Popular Economy Maria Castillo, artist and researcher Florencia Levy; and doctor of social sciences Hernan Borisonic.

All activities, with free admission, will be concentrated on Wednesday 22nd at the Cooperative Cultural Center (Corrientes 1543) and on Thursday 23rd in Borges (Viamonte 525). The festival will conclude on Saturday the 25th with a party at the ArtLab headquarters located at Rossetti 93 in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Zacarita.

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You can consult https://www.revistaanfibia.com/un-tutorial-para-entender-el-mundo/ for complete programming.

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