Malaga Technology | Learn the best technical tricks with 'Retouch Touch'

Learn the best technical tricks with 'Retouch Touch'LO

Behind the nickname 'Retouch Touch'hide Laura, a young woman from Malaga has turned her passion into her career. Thanks for sharing Technical trickshas created a community of Over half a million followers Your supporters on all your social networks.

since birth @toquederetoque As of December 2020, it has become the preferred destination for over 600,000 users searching for Practical tips Innovative tricks for mastering technology in your everyday life.

Its main objective is to help people (from Any age) to simply and quickly resolve and guide the user to any problem they may encounter to get the most out of their devices.

Can you imagine recovering your forgotten passwords in the blink of an eye? Or learn how to delete your Gmail account from unwanted websites?

Well, 'Toque de retouch' shares its experience and knowledge with you to provide simple and effective solutions. „Almond Tree Trick”.

Can you share with us one of your favorite tricks that you think will wow our audience?

One of my favorite tips is to allow you to view deleted WhatsApp messages. I was really surprised when I found it, because I didn't imagine that the phone itself would have this functionality without using an external app! You must be in that person's chat. Once there, slide your finger to go to „Settings” on your own phone, then click on „Notifications,” continue through „Advanced Settings,” and finally where it says „Notification History,” all the messages you've received will appear. But deleted before reading them.

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How do you stay up-to-date on the latest trends and technological innovations to share with your followers?

I am very interested. Every time I search for information, I usually update apps and my phone to find new features. Likewise, many times it's even simpler because what I learn to solve my own doubts in my daily life are shortcuts that I think will solve the „obstacles” for my followers.

What's the most valuable piece of advice you've received about technology?

Keep learning because (although it may sound like a cliché) it is true that technology is advancing rapidly and it is important to stay abreast of the latest developments in order to continue to contribute my sand by teaching and being useful in this field.

Well, of course, one piece of advice I always use (and give you the chance) is to make backup copies of your apps if possible, otherwise they'll be created at the most inopportune moments. .

Any tips to strengthen the security of our online accounts and protect them from cyber attacks?

I once gave an interesting tip in a video: I explained how to quickly and easily (which never hurts) check if someone else has used our Gmail account on the dark web! I hope the answer is negative, nothing more than that you have access to your email account.

Other technical tips What else is Doc de Redoc from accounts?

Just as every person is unique, every account is special and characterized by something. In my case I always try to explain tricks quickly, clearly and accessible to anyone, regardless of their age and the devices they use. All these are trying to bring a smile to the people who watch my videos. Cow! Of course, a lot of this is understood by the big lady who appears at the end of my videos, who always gives us funny advice with her words!

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What future plans do you have for 'Toque de Retoque'? Are there any personal projects you are working on under your brand?

Above all my future plan is to be as excited as the first day I started this dream and always give my best. Although I'm actually going to answer this question, how do I end my exercises, with a suggestion or a rhyme: I have something in mind but… „Don't count your chickens before they hatch”.

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