Madam Web was a business decision to enter Sony

Sidney Sweeney said A recent interview with GQ UK Casting Sony's „Madam Web” was a „strategic business decision” that more or less paid off despite being one of the most infamous box office flops of the year. From Sweeney's point of view, “Madam Webb” put her in the door of Sony Pictures, where she went on to have a huge box office hit with the romantic comedy “Nobody But You.”

„For me, that film was a building block that allowed me to build a relationship with Sony,” Sweeney told the publication. „Without doing 'Madam Web,' I wouldn't have any relationship with the decision makers there. I do everything in my life not just for that story, but for strategic business decisions. Because I did that, I was able to sell 'Anybody But You.' I was able to get 'Barbarella.'

„Madam Web” was widely panned by film critics earlier this year and flopped at the box office, where it has yet to cross $100 million worldwide. That's a far cry from the success Sweeney delivered with romantic comedy „Anyone But You,” co-starring Glenn Powell, which opened in December and grossed $214 million worldwide for Sony Pictures. Sweeney said he was able to get „anyone but you” off the ground because of the Sony connections that signed him to „Madam Webb.” She is also making a remake of „Barbarella” with Sony, in which she is expected to star.

„[‘Madame Web’] Such a big movie, so many people involved,” Sweeney Added to GQ UK About superhero failure. „I was hired as an actor and I'm happy to give life to a character that my little cousins ​​are excited about. I can't control a film like this, especially when I'm not the producer. You just sign up for whatever happens and ride it out… When you do a film like that, you definitely There will be a different formula and it's very different from what I'm used to.

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Sweeney played Spider-Woman's reincarnation Julia Cornwall in „Madam Web.” The film sets up Julia for her upcoming films as a superhero, and when asked about returning to the role, Sweeney said: “If the story is right, if you have the right team, I think I'd love to. „

when A recent interview with VarietySweeney insists he wants to continue acting in the films he produces so that he can have some of the authority he lacks in a project like „Madam Web.”

„I want to be involved in the process of any project moving forward as much as I can,” he said. „I love being in the room to problem solve and come up with ideas. It's so important to have multiple people at the table instead of just one person – everyone who can collaborate and really help build a project. It takes everyone. At 'Madam Webb,' it's really hard not to be as involved as I want to be.” And I felt so free with 'Nobody But You' and 'Immaculate'.

„Madam Webb” became a punching bag on social media after its release, with Sweeney himself mocking it on „Saturday Night Live” („You definitely don't see me on 'Madam Webb,'” he said), and Jimmy Kimmel in his monologue at the Oscars as a „Madam Webb.” „There was too.

„The people in this room somehow managed to come up with so many great films and memorable performances,” Kimmel said. „This night is full of great talent and untold talent, but it's 'Madam Webb'.”

Sweeney's “Madam Web” co-star is Dakota Johnson told Bustle earlier this month The reception of the film was not surprising.

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„Making that movie was definitely an experience for me,” says Johnson. „I've never done anything like this before. I will never do that again, as I have no sense in that world. I know that now. But sometimes in this industry, you sign something and it's one thing, and then when you make it, it turns into something completely different, and you're like, 'Wait, what?' But it was a real learning experience, of course, it's not good to be a part of being torn to pieces, but I can't say I don't understand.

„Madam Web” continues to play in theaters nationwide from Sony. Sweeney's new film, “Immaculate,” opens in theaters March 22 from Neon.

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