Liberty Networks Uses Tara Optical Communications Technology to Expand High-Capacity Connectivity in the Eastern Caribbean

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Miami Florida. – Liberty Latin America (LLA) region, Liberty Networks, a leading provider of business infrastructure and connectivity in Latin America and the Caribbean, today announced the successful implementation of wireless optical communication technology. direct To promote high-speed data connectivity between the two Caribbean islands. Tara is a Lunar project for the X connection at Alphabet’s Lunar Project Factory.

In August of this year, Liberty Networks completed the final repairs on a branch of the Eastern Caribbean Fiber System (ECFS), which connects Anguilla to neighboring islands and the rest of the world. The spur has already undergone temporary repairs following an incident at a ship’s anchor earlier this year. Scheduled downtime for final repairs and system maintenance provided an excellent opportunity to combine the new TARA technology with existing microwave radio system technology as an additional form of broadband service delivery.

Tara’s technology uses beams of light to enable high-speed data transmission over the air. To make the connection, the beam is sent between two TARA terminals, which are small and quick to use. The technology complements existing microwave systems, but offers significantly higher capacity, up to 20 Gbps. During submarine cable repairs, the Tara link successfully transmitted 10 Gbps speeds from St. Martin to Anguilla over 18 km, helping more than 11,500 customers in Anguilla maintain broadband service for residents, businesses and essential services.

„We are excited to partner with X on Tara and implement their innovative technology,” said Ray Collins, Liberty Latin America’s senior vice president of infrastructure and corporate strategy. . „Following this successful implementation we are seeing more use cases for this cutting-edge technology.”

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“We were honored to help Liberty Networks rapidly deploy fiber-like connectivity using Tara’s wireless optical solution. We look forward to working with Liberty Networks to expand the use of this technology, which provides high-capacity, resilient resilience,” said Mahesh Krishnasamy, CEO of TARA.

Liberty Networks is committed to developing innovative technologies to deliver high-performance, reliable connectivity solutions. The company continues to connect communities and transform lives through strategic partnerships and innovative approaches to connectivity.

About Liberty Networks

Liberty Networks is a leading provider of infrastructure and business connectivity in Latin America and the Caribbean, connecting approximately 40 countries with approximately 50,000 kilometers of submarine fiber optic cable and 17,000 kilometers of terrestrial networks. At Liberty Networks, we partner with enterprises, operators and business communities by leveraging our extensive network infrastructure, portfolio of next-generation solutions and network of data centers that provide a strong foundation to enable business success across the region. For more information on Liberty Networks, visit And follow us LinkedIn , X Y Network light .

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