Advances in Bolivian nuclear technology are showcased at the Moscow themed venue

The World, March 29, 2024 (ATB Digital).- Advances in nuclear technology in Bolivia are on display at the Atom VDNJ Pavilion in Moscow, a center for the development of nuclear science in Russia.

In the Atom pavilion of an amusement park located in the north of the Russian capital, interactive information of the network of nuclear medicine and radiotherapy centers, cyclotron radiopharmacy and multipurpose radiation center was implemented in Bolivia with the Russian Rosatom company. , in addition, a research reactor under construction.

The pavilion takes a tour from the beginning of research on nuclear reactors to the use of nuclear technology for peaceful purposes.

The work done by Russian intelligence in the 1940s and the scientists who took the first steps to develop the atomic bomb

This theme is addressed in space.

Likewise, visitors can see scale models of the first Russian nuclear reactor and Tsar Bomba, the first Russian nuclear submarine K39, the Ford Nucleon nuclear car, an airship, a supersonic aircraft, and other nuclear-powered projects.

In addition to the new generation reactor developed by this country.

The building also represents the new peaceful purposes of nuclear technology in other areas such as medicine, environment, agriculture etc.

Source: AEP

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