Leonardo da Vinci was known as the University of the Future

Leonardo da Vinci University was honored by employment expert Enrique López Arce After standing out in implementing innovative teaching methods and state-of-the-art technology, it bets on international exchange programs to provide first-class education.

Adriana Doriani, the university's director of education, told La Nación/Nacione Media that being recognized as a university of the future motivates it to continue to innovate. In the field of education. „It means everything is more advanced, not just in educational management, teaching methods and technology,” he highlighted.

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Leonardo da Vinci University was honored by employment expert Enrique López Arce. Photo: Emilio Bazan

According to Torreni, one of the main objectives of the Leonardo da Vinci University is to train the best doctors to help address the large-scale shortage of specialists in the region that persists in the country. Therefore, currently, the university has a curriculum structure affiliated with Mercosur and is part of the world directory of medical schools, so its students have the opportunity to undertake exchanges outside national borders and access residencies.

Internationalization of medical students is important and can be achieved through inter-institutional collaborations that the university has with other countries. We seek to break the paradigm that they only have to train in Paraguay. Beyond this aspect, the university has made a big investment in technology, simulators, microscopes, a microbiology lab and other trends,” he added.

The rector of Leonardo da Vinci University, Washington Torriani, told La Nación/Nación Media that the university has great plans for the future, but above all focuses on the training of quality medical professionals. “It includes academic and practical instruction, but also the human. In Paraguay, more than 8,000 medical professionals are needed today. That is why we are betting on the youth of Paraguay,” he emphasized.

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Leonardo da Vinci University was recognized along with other universities in the first-ever assessment in the country. Investing in technology, a virtual platform or support for graduates to find work was studied.

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