Significant advancements in the construction of Nichupte Bridge with state of the art technology

Cancún, May 10 (Infocrew).- Jorge Santiago Martínez, a resident of Nichupte Bridge, shared details on the progress of this important structure that connects the hotel zone to the center of Cancún.

At the beginning, he highlighted the technological innovations used in construction, including the „top down” system implemented for the first time in Mexico, which allows sensitive areas such as mangroves to be crossed with minimal environmental impact, using piles.

In an interview with Radio Formula, the engineer explained the challenges they faced due to the complexity of the operations. The equipment is working at approximately 20% of its capacity due to the height and length of the holes, which has extended the working time per pile from one day to three days. On the progress of the pond, he noted that four additional work nodes have been implemented, adding a total of six assets to speed up the process on the largest part of the project.

In addition, the challenges encountered during construction, such as elasticity and suspension of piles, were addressed with specific measures to guarantee the integrity of the structure. In relation to the detected concrete spillage, it was ensured that there was no impact on the environment thanks to the action protocols immediately implemented.

Significant advancements in the construction of Nichupte Bridge with cutting-edge technology

“This project not only improves Cancun’s infrastructure but also seeks to preserve and restore the natural environment. A comprehensive environmental management plan is being undertaken that includes restoration of mangroves, conservation of fauna and mitigation of impacts,” he asserted.

Finally, it was highlighted that the Nichupté Bridge will have two access ramps: one visible from the road and the other on Bonambaque Avenue, which will facilitate access to and from the hotel zone.

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„The construction team is committed to ensuring that the Nichupte Bridge is not only a functional infrastructure but also an element that contributes to the preservation of the natural environment and promotes non-motorized mobility in the city,” he added.

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