LCCI urges political parties to prioritize revival of economy

LAHORE—After four days of intense political unrest, the country is facing huge economic losses running into billions of rupees, along with tragic loss of life and property. Responding to this predicament, Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) President Kashib Anwar has issued a compelling appeal to all political parties to put aside their differences and prioritize the revival of the national economy.

According to the latest data released by economic analysts, it is estimated that the current political unrest has cost the country’s economy more than 10 billion rupees. These numbers include the direct impact on businesses, declines in consumer spending, disruptions in supply chains and adverse effects on investor confidence. The unrest has dealt a severe blow to several sectors, including manufacturing, tourism and services.

President Qasif Anwar’s urgent call for unity underscores the need for a concerted and concerted effort to address the economic challenges at hand. He has proposed signing a comprehensive economic charter aimed at attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) and promoting local investment as key drivers of economic recovery.

The proposed economic charter will include various strategic measures, including policies to improve ease of doing business, establishing investor-friendly regulations, developing strong infrastructure and fostering an enabling environment for domestic and international investors. These initiatives are designed to revitalize economic growth, create employment opportunities and stimulate sustainable growth in various sectors.

The LCCI President’s appeal for political parties to unite under the Economic Charter is based on the understanding that the stability and prosperity of the nation depends on collective action and shared responsibility. By putting aside partisan interests and focusing on the well-being of the economy, political leaders are expected to pave the way for a brighter future, ensuring stability, progress and prosperity for all citizens.

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As the country struggles in the aftermath of recent political unrest, the implementation of a comprehensive economic charter stands as a beacon of hope, offering a path to economic recovery and restoring investor confidence. It is time for political parties to heed the call for unity.

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