It’s Black Friday at PcComponentes: The Best Deals in Tech

At PcComponentes they take Holy FridayThe best offers of numerous products from all its departments are not available in one day, but for two weeks, and with a first-class guarantee. E-commerce celebrated Black Friday in Spain a decade ago.

It contains Holy FridayOr Black Friday, online stores offer Best discounts of the year. The Christmas shopping season begins on this day, as at no other time of the year can one find so many offers and many users make their purchases ahead of time. to save A few euros in your prizes.

Black Friday is already fully integrated SpainIt’s a tradition we imported in 2012 and at PCComponentes they take it so seriously that their offers last not just one day, but two weeks.

From Sunday, November 12, 10:00 pm to Monday, November 27, 8:59 am, you can benefit from the first offers at PcComponentes: Laptops, PCs, TVs, Mobile Phones, Gaming, Peripherals, Home…

40% off and 8 daily 'Bombs’

the day of Holy Friday 2023 will be next Friday, November 24, but at PcComponentesTraditionally, they start much earlier With hundreds of offers. Lots of discounted products at your disposal during these two weeks, real deals with discounts up to 40%.

Also, during this period, PcComponentes will introduce 8 daily 'bombs’ with great offers, at unbeatable prices and limited to 24 hours. The number of very cheap products these days is very high, but above all we cannot miss those great offers in all categories managed by PcComponentes: computing, gaming, devices, smartphones…

Each of them has heavily discounted products with quality assurance provided by PcComponentes and the security of buying them at black prices is much lower than other companies.

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Information Technology, Video, Audio, Telephone, Home Appliances…

The two-week Black Friday at PcComponentes allows you to equip yourself in computing at reasonable prices as they have great discounted products, equip yourself with the latest equipment with a new laptop, desktop PC or upgrade your equipment. Large selection of black offers.

If you just need to upgrade your old mobile phone, now you have your new smartphone or tablet at a very low price, waiting for you with the best black offer.

At PcComponentes you can also find discounted scooters, more fashionable and more practical to get around the city in comfort. Top TVs and sound systems and, of course, large and small appliances and dozens of exclusive offers for your home and personal care; Refrigerators, washing machines, microwaves, coffee makers, shavers…nothing missing, everything on sale. Additionally, you can take part in a draw for a vinyl PCComp worth €2,239.

Without trap or cover

PcComponentes absolutely must have them Light penetrates with your customers. That is why every year, for more than a decade, A Price history. So, customers can Check the genuineness of the offers and distinguish them.

This history helps to visualize the evolution of product prices on the PcComponentes website and to objectively assess the quality of each product. providesWithout trap or cover. History considers factors such as fluctuations in purchase prices or specific promotions. But, in any case, PcComponentes makes an effort and offers a commitment Update the previous price.

In addition to buying discounted products online, if you want to visit one of the PcComponentes stores, you have the brand’s physical establishments in Murcia, Madrid and Barcelona.

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Cyber ​​Monday 2023, for the Black Friday hangover

It doesn’t end with PcComponentes’ two-week Black Friday. Cyber ​​Monday 2023 will arrive on Monday, November 27, a week after Black Friday, and PcComponentes will start the week with incredible offers, leading up to the Christmas season, just like every year.

So if you want to save on your gifts, you can register on the PcComponentes website and they will send all the offers to your email address and you can conveniently view them through your inbox.

PcComponentes was The first e-commerce to celebrate Black Friday in Spain, which gives it the experience to offer and guarantee the best offers in the two weeks leading up to the event. A in the establishment Support Center Specific to these dates, you can clear your doubts and get the help of the specialized agents of PcComponentes.

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