It was reopened in Medina from the era of Prophet Muhammad

Riyadh: A well dating back to the time of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has been reopened to visitors following development works in Al-Alia district in Madinah, Saudi Arabia.

Al-Faqir Well, also known as Salman Al-Farsi Well, is a historical landmark that stands as a testament to Prophet Muhammad's acts of charity and mercy. The well is surrounded by lush orchards and historical sites related to the life of the Prophet. Saudi Press Agency (SPA)


Initially, water was drawn from a three meter wide well using traditional water wheels, but later, pumps were used.

The well is currently managed and developed by the Al-Madinah Regional Development Authority and other agencies.

The development works include construction of iron fence around the well, waterways, bridge and reconstruction of the main gates with local Medina stone, ensuring consistency with the original construction.

The area includes palm tree planting, improved patios and stone benches for visitors.

An information plaque has been installed at the entrance, which provides details about the location and its history.

View of Al-Faqir Well in Madinah

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