Innovation, Technology and the „War Economy”

In a survey of more than 1,000 small and medium-sized companies by the Pyme Observatory Foundation (FOP), overall, their sales fell in the first two months of the year Compared to the same period of the previous year. At the same time, they estimated that the recession could persist Between six months and two years.

However, one sector with clear negative numbers is small and medium size occupations And another sector where sales continue to rise Computer Software and Services showed a significant increase in Business confidence In the first two months of the year. This has been recorded by the SME Business Confidence Index (ICEPyME) compiled by the SME Observatory for more than two decades.

In that environment Expectations of Recession and Progress „Challenges of SMEs” was held, the second meeting of Claire's The World to Come cycle, featuring: Roberto García MoritanGCBA's Minister of Economic Development; Javier VigueraSME Vice President at UIA and Owner of ADOX Company; Lucio KlapsichECOSAN's general manager and winner Gold SME Award 2023; Valeria PiersantiPiersanti Director; Roberto MendezFounder and CEO of Newman Performance Center and Augustine ViolaDirector senior SMEs and Entrepreneurs in Mercado Paco.

The talk was the second in the annual cycle „The World to Come” and was conducted by journalists Daniel Fernandez Canedo Y Louis Seriotto. It has major support telecommunication Y VillageIn addition to sponsorship Departure Y Pan American Energyand support Payment market.

Proposals and Responsibilities

Amid uncertainty and economic challenges, small and medium-sized businesses in the city of Buenos Aires are facing the consequences of changes in economic policy. „South of Buenos Aires is an economic and urgently needed area infrastructureGarcía Moritan said, he announced Free zone, which is located in the south of the city. “This initiative will have a direct economic impact on the South Side and create new opportunities Employment and Developmentsaid the officer.

Viguera, representative of the UIA, pointed out that companies in Argentina are productive, but face unfavorable rules of the game when competing abroad. „Although Argentinian companies are productive, they face inherited challenges Unequal competition with foreign companies,” he noted.

The businessman and factory leader said that at the Industrial Union they are setting up a „centre for the development of innovation and new ideas”, giving SMEs a dedicated space for research and development. „Sometimes SMEs do not have the R&D department that large companies have, which we at UIA want to facilitate, to develop strategies that allow SMEs to access innovation and technology development tools,” he noted. How you can use technology to improve your businessEven in seemingly traditional areas.

War economy and faith

Roberto Mendez founded the Newmen chain in 1986, and today Newmen Performance Center has 40 centers nationwide. „I'm 80 years old and I've lived through all the crises. Inflation, deflation and we keep going,” he commented. „We are Argentine stormtroopers and we are used to this situation. Maybe this is it Be very hard of all things, for the country is worse than in other cases. But you have to go forward with more strength, more desire, more imagination.”

He added: „The recipe for recovery from this crisis is easy to say and very difficult to implement. It has to do with investments and job creation. As long as there are stocks, as long as we have the policies we have, this job creation will not exist. There are so many projects, it is very difficult for us to hire people. We have posted permanent notifications No one appeared„.

Mendez was alerted to an important detail of his own business. „All traffic in Argentina moves by truck, and today fewer truck covers are sold. We are a thermometer: if we don't sell covers, It is because the country has stopped„.

„The war economy must be in business forever, and if I think that everything that comes into it is mine, I am wrong. I have always said that. I am an administrator of another's estate and I have no partners. That is why I am able to face today's situation with a calmness that many in my field cannot. It's important in that way, it allows us Press multiple times while purchasing„And he said with a touch of humor that he has an optimistic view of his business. „Argentinas can avoid eating, but He wasn't going to lose the car” he commented.

Creating the future

Lucio Clapcich from Ecosan notes novelty As the key to your company. “Almost three decades ago we started in the field of portable chemical toilets and over time, we have grown Industrialized modular construction” he explained.

For Klapsich, the key to this transformation was an emphasis on technology, with a plant in Escobar where 80% of production is concentrated. The remaining 20% ​​consists of on-site installation. “This method allows us to be competitive Take care of the environmentFocusing on innovation, sustainability and design,” he added.

Klapcich said that in a situation where public works operations are suspended, entrepreneurs in this sector must operate in the private sector. “Public works have stopped. You should start looking for personal workTo create new businesses, this is what our company always wants to do,” he said.

A campaign with ups and downs

Valeria Piersanti, together with one of her sisters, is one of the few manufacturers of agricultural machinery in Argentina located in the city. Nottinger, in the southeast of Córdoba province. From that point of view, the industrial trader “is today the agricultural producer investsBecause this is a very important one, don't forget, we're from 2023 One of the most significant droughts in history. While we cannot expect the situation to match the years of exponential growth, we are optimistic Gradual recovery of the department,” he said.

Piersanti emphasized the difference between expectations and reality about the dollars coming in from agriculture at the beginning of the year. „All the economists were talking about a super harvest, and things have happened in the middle, including the corn epidemic, leaf, which can drastically affect crop yields and is unexpected. In the north of Argentina, there are those areas They have lost more than 50% of the maize yield„, he said. „I say this because it covers the field It is not a linear number„This is one of the sectors of the economy where we have the most risk because the key factor is nature.”

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However, the businessman highlighted the sector's response at a recent exhibition Expogro 2024, in San Nicolas. „Expogro has helped a lot to pick up momentum, banks have started giving signals with credit lines that they support. This first semester, once the harvest is over The producer is going to accommodate, to recover financially from last year's slump. „It's not going to be 2021 and 2022, the years when the sector has grown the most, but we're optimistic.”

Piersanthi exemplified the industry's contribution to employment and innovation, the company founded by his father. “We are moving forward with technology Creates huge water savings At the same time we create direct employment for 500 people in a town like Nottinghar with a population of 5,500. That means technology and employment can be created from within, contributing to value creation,” he said.

A financial partner

Mercado Pago raises the importance of understanding the financing needs of SMEs. “One of the main concerns expressed by SME entrepreneurs is financial management They spend considerable time tracking their income and payments„said Agustin Viola, director of Mercado Paco. „We are simplifying operations and reducing bureaucracy,” he added.

Another fundamental aspect is limited access to financial services. ”Despite being banked, many SMEs face obstacles in accessing credit, paying for services or securing insurance. We also provide them Financial services To facilitate their growth and development,” Viola explained.

The manager emphasized the constant challenge that SMEs have to innovate in their business to increase sales. „To help in this situation, Mercado Pago offers comprehensive solutions that simplify transactions and open new sales channels, both in person and online, To take the profession to a higher level”.

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