Innovation and technology in the heart of Madrid

The world of education does not and cannot stop. We must constantly adapt to the new demands of a society that is moving at a rapid pace towards digitization and technological innovation.

You already know this is one of my concerns, the academic environment manages to be professional and that’s why I love news like this.

University of Design, Innovation and Technology (UDIT) has announced its new introduction International Campus for Technology, Innovation and Applied SciencesMore than physical expansion.

Located on the vibrant Alcalá Street in Madrid, they have incorporated Proto Space, a cutting-edge technology hub that clarifies what learning and teaching in the 21st century is, and should be. This place is designed to be more than a classroom: it is a laboratory of ideas, where the next leaders in technology will take their first steps towards great inventions, but I will now tell you in detail:

What is ProtoSpace: More than a lab


The Proto Space at UTIT is where creativity and technology come together to bring to life ideas that can change the world. Located on the fourth floor of the new complex on Alcalá Street, it will become the most avant-garde technology, science, innovation and materials laboratory in the capital.

It is an open space of more than 1,000 m2 where our students and teachers work with state-of-the-art technology and equipment to study, experiment and model the practical subjects of their official degrees and masters. To participate in various R&D projects promoted by the University.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, Proto Space has everything needed to execute the most complex and precise projects. From 3D printers capable of executing any design to robotic arms that perform tasks with superhuman precision and CNC cutters that turn blocks of material into complex machined parts. It will have specialized workstations for development in micro-robotics and IoT, as well as advanced systems for capturing and creating virtual reality environments.

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But beyond its impressive technical arsenal, what really sets ProtoSpace apart is its focus on collaboration between students, faculty, and professionals in the field. The space aims to become a unique innovation ecosystem where students have the opportunity to collaborate on real projects with tech companies and startups, going beyond theory and living an invaluable experience that takes them to the heart of the tech industry.

A revolutionary educational offering

Technology, Innovation and Applied Sciences Area |  UTIT

The new campus of the University of Design, Innovation and Technology (UDIT) introduces three innovative degrees: data science and artificial intelligence, full-stack development and mathematics applied to software engineering, UTIT sets a new standard in higher technical education.

Official Degree in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

The program is designed to train future professionals in the management and analysis of large amounts of data and the development of intelligent solutions that can be used in various industrial and commercial sectors. From machine learning to data mining and visualization, students gain the skills needed to lead the next wave of innovation in AI.

Of course, the degree offers the opportunity to obtain official certificates of high value in the labor market, which significantly increases the employability of graduates.

An official degree in full layer development

This degree covers all aspects of software development, from front-end and back-end programming to database management and web security. This program is specially designed for those interested in developing a comprehensive understanding of developing web and mobile applications. Students learn not only to code, but also to design and develop user interfaces, manage software projects and understand industry best practices. Collaborations with leading technology companies allow students to participate in real projects, providing invaluable experience and professional connections before graduation.

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Official degree in mathematics applied to software engineering

This innovative program combines rigorous mathematical fundamentals with practical applications in software engineering, preparing students to solve complex problems in technology and computer science. The integration of theory and practice is a unique feature of this degree, which focuses on mathematical modelling, algorithm analysis and process optimization. This course not only develops advanced analytical skills but also equips students with the necessary tools to innovate in software development and emerging technologies.

Access to certification and professional training exams

An integral part of these degrees is preparation for exams for official, globally recognized certifications from AWS and Microsoft. These certificates are a stamp of the student’s ability to enhance their professional profile. Also, direct interaction with industry is prioritized through professional practices and joint projects with technology companies. This exposure not only improves students’ practical skills but also allows them to build a network of professional contacts that will be important for their future jobs.

Reduced groups and consistent training

Focusing on exceptional and individualized support, UDIT ensures that groups are kept small to allow for more personalized attention and better interactions between students and faculty. This consistent training ensures that each student can reach their full potential, adapts learning to their specific needs and fosters an environment in which the student not only learns, but innovates and leads.

Design and Sustainability: The 21st Century Campus

A project of these characteristics could not be otherwise, the new campus of the University of Design, Innovation and Technology (UDIT) is a model of innovation and environmental responsibility. The campus design reflects modern and functional architecture, yes, but it also incorporates advanced sustainability practices that highlight its commitment to the future of the planet.

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Next-generation infrastructure with LEED Platinum certification

The LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum certification is one of the most prestigious worldwide in terms of sustainable construction. Achieving this certification indicates that the campus has been designed and built using strategies aimed at improving performance in key aspects such as energy efficiency, indoor air quality, efficient use of water and selection of sustainable materials.

Connectivity and digital quality: WiredScore Gold certification

WiredScore Gold certification assesses a building’s connectivity infrastructure and technology capabilities. At UDIT, this certification guarantees that all campus locations are equipped with high-speed Internet access and network connections of the highest quality. This connectivity is not only essential for day-to-day academic activities, but also enables the implementation of advanced technologies in the classroom and laboratories, thus facilitating education to meet the demands of the digital future.

A smart and healthy building

In addition to LEED and WiredScore certifications, the campus is Well Gold certified, which focuses on the health and well-being of users. This means campus design considers aspects such as air quality, access to natural light, and creating spaces that promote physical and mental well-being. From rest areas to green spaces integrated into the building’s design, every detail is thought out to create an environment that is not only sustainable, but also healthy and inspiring for all its occupants.

Conclusion: The university as an incubator of innovative futures

As you can see, the opening of the new campus of the University of Design, Innovation and Technology (UTIT) in Madrid is very relevant in a field that needs to be modernized all the time.

This academic year 2024-2025 is going to be very special and from WWWhatsnew who is passionate about quality education, we will follow it closely.

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