RISC-V is the new front in the technology battle

RISC-V is in focus: The United States is evaluating the risks associated with China's RISC-V chip technology and is considering banning its use in Chinese technology applications. According to Information Reuters, He RISC-V Open Source Instruction Set It is at the center of a recent dispute between the US. and China.

Used by major Chinese tech companies. RISC-V, which translates to „Risk Five” in English, provides a A free and open source alternative For patented technologies It is critical to a variety of applications, from smartphone chips to artificial intelligence processors.

RISC-V Technology: America and its Geopolitics Against Open Source

Tensions have increased as the United States Considers restricting China's RISC-V usagecan have significant implications for national security and the global economy. This is not new, but in January 2024 US lawmakers Issued a proposal to expand its restrictions on the export and use of this technology.

RISC-V is a chip technology Open source And what can be gained Free internet. Born in a computer lab University of CaliforniaThe chip design is modeled The basis for many chips that perform various computer functions. RISC-V basically provides a common standard for designing processors used in cell phones, hard drives, Wi-Fi routers, and devices. Tablets.

However, talking about restrictions for widely used open source technology is not a topic that is well-received by the global industry. According to Audience feedback Al Global TimesIf the U.S. achieves the complex task of restricting China from using RISC-V, it could trigger a chain reaction, Affects only Chinese companies Americans too and to the global supply chain.

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China wants to dominate the tech world, and it already knows how to do it: it's hoarding copper like there's no tomorrow.

A veto of this technology, Competitor In chip design technology Arm Holdings This will create a more complicated situation for the semiconductor industry, given the ongoing strategic competition for dominance in advanced chip technology.

That is why the US Department of Commerce has recognized the need Proceed with caution To avoid harming US companies participating in an international consortium working with RISC-V.

The situation is further complicated by the fact that RISC-V is an open source technology, its development and use They are widely distributed and not limited to a single country or group of institutions.

„Restricting access to RISC-V will slow technological progress worldwide”

Ma Zhihua, a senior observer of the telecommunications industry.

Furthermore, regulatory actions from RISC-V International may be difficult to enforce moved its headquarters From USA to Switzerland in 2020.

This potential sanction presents us with a situation that highlights the complexity of technology regulation in an interconnected world. How can countries protect their interests without stifling innovation and international cooperation?. However, one thing is certain, as technology continues to advance, diplomacy and politics must evolve to maintain a balance between security and progress without entering into international conflicts.

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