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The ESC now takes a full week, with two semi-finals to be played before a grand final is broadcast globally on Saturday, May 11. Like last year, 37 countries will participate, with 26 competitors. To participate in the finals. As in the past year, there has been intense debate in the run-up to the competition about the dividing lines between music, art and politics. But unlike last year, no clear preference has yet emerged during rehearsals.

Bookmaker Paddy Power currently has low odds of winning in Croatia, Switzerland, Ukraine, Italy and the Netherlands. Croatian singer-songwriter Marko Puricic, better known as Baby Lasagna, is represented with „Rim Tim Dagi Tim”. Ethno-dance banger With Falcon Adam Ant vibes. Switzerland, meanwhile, seems to have learned its lesson after a decade of what felt like boring ballads and sent Nemo „code” — a number with many dramatic strings that could work well with the right staging.

Ukraine has sent two of the country’s most successful artists – Aliona Aliona & Jerry Hale „Teresa & Maria,” the song says, “Our actions define us. Italy, for its part, can repeat the 2021 victory with Angelina Mango’s very catchy number „La Noya”. And the Netherlands has gone completely weird Joost Klein’s “Europa” — lyrics for the Schengen area, as well as a very emotional song about the tragic loss of a parent at a young age. It has a deep 1990s Euro-dance sound; It’s a reflection of sorts that Vengaboys must eventually navigate the turbulent waters (canals?) of life to become Vengemen.

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„[The competition’s] Very open. . . „I can see the Netherlands and Croatia doing well, but it’s hard to predict how the juries will affect it,” said Paul Jordan, known as Dr. Eurovision. Because the semi-finals have now been decided Through exclusive viewing public voting, The final decision is split between public and jury votes. However, the „Rest of the World” poll, which debuted last year, continues, with 37 jury votes compared to 38 televotes — roughly 50.6 percent — giving the public slightly more influence over the final result.

Croatian singer-songwriter Marko Puricic, better known as Baby Lasagna, is represented with „Rim Tim Dagi Tim”. Ethno-dance banger With Falcon Adam Ant vibes. | Martin Sylvest Anderson/Getty Images

The only change this year is that the voting window is longer. Viewers in participating countries can start voting as soon as the first show of the final begins, and instead of waiting until the lines open at the end, viewers around the world now have a 24-hour window. Final – a system Swedish organizers say it worked well With their national selection show Melodifestivalen.

Jordan cited Finland’s performance last year as an example of how public and jury votes can differ.Cha cha chaKäärijä, which scored the maximum possible 12 points from 18 countries, but the judges weren’t so keen, finished second to Sweden. If anything, Finland has this year’s Windows95Man with „No Rules!” By sending that has become madness. And a performance that only I can describe Pyrotechnic jorts catapult.

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