Improving payment management in hotels and enhancing their reputation with technology

From Shiji ReviewPro they warn: “Poor charge management affects the reputation of hotels. A modern, centralized payment solution integrated with a PMS (property management system) and point of sale (POS) system helps prevent complications and deliver to guests. Seamless payment experience across the establishment.”

Food and Beverage (F&B) sectors are experiencing challenging times to face them. Rising costs, severe staffing problems and declining profits. Hence, adoption of appropriate technology has become a strategic imperative to successfully address these challenges.

Moments Restaurant, Mandarin Oriental in Barcelona. Source: Mandarin Oriental Barcelona.

Therefore, choosing the right POS is not the only result Improving operationsBut one A comprehensive solution for managing payments fluid throughout the establishment. All transactions, from hotel expenses to F&B purchases, should be centralized and easily managed by interfacing with the PMS. This integration is not the only one Improves functional capacityBut Reduces payment errors This will tarnish the reputation of the hotel.

Data is possible

But this technology also collects Data important to the operations of the hotelproved to be Adriana AvilesAssistant Director of F&B at Mandarin Oriental Barcelona emphasizes the importance of data-driven decision-making and operational flexibility.

Also found a point of sale system in the hotel’s cocktail bar 5 to 7 pm is the period of least activity in business, therefore, with this information, they have chosen to close it at less busy times. This result is not the only one Save money without sacrificing customer satisfactionBut it also ensures that resources are used more efficiently.

Time is gold

But what, in a context functional capacity And customer satisfaction is paramount, every minute is saved That will increase satisfactionIt translates to a more profit.

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As for Mandarin Oriental Barcelona, ​​they are with a new POS Saves five to 10 minutes per order, which represents a significant shift, especially in high-end restaurants. A POS automates transaction calculations and processing Simplifies the billing and payment process. This way, employees can redirect their efforts to deliver Better guest experiences By dramatically reducing time spent on payment related tasks.

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