Human resources drain technology’s potential for business

He 24% are HR staff (HR); That is less than a quarter Hope your company’s HR department gets the most value from technology for business. This is evident from a February 2024 survey of a total of 85 HR leaders by Gartner and Research. According to the data collected, 35% of respondents believe their current focus on HR technology is helping them achieve business goals. Additionally, two-thirds of respondents believe that if they do not take steps to improve HR’s approach to technology, the effectiveness of their operations will suffer.

„While HR leaders believe that HR technology is important and has a huge impact, they still struggle to realize the maximum value”says Mark Whittle, vice president of consulting in Gartner’s HR practice. „It’s not about increasing the value of technology just for HR, but increasing the business value that technology can bring to the entire organization,” he explains.

Companies need to adjust the numbers Adopt a human resource-enhancing approach and increase the adoption of specialized technologies in the region with the aim of generating high-impact contributions. Increases business value. “Strategic Business Value „It’s created by bringing together human capital and technology, not freeing up employees’ time to do their own strategic work.” says Piers Hudson, senior director in Gartner’s HR practice.

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