How to Prepare for Dual GW25 and Blank GW26

scout team Fantasy Premier League Experts share their plans for Double Gameweek 25 (DGW25) and Blank Gameweek 26 (BGW26) and discuss the factors fantasy managers should consider when making their moves in the upcoming season.

Lee Banfield (@FPLFamily)

Three of my Manchester City players are now locked up – Kevin De Bruyne (£10.8m), Erling Holland (£14.2m) and Bill Foden (£7.9m). But I don't have any Liverpool players, so I'll play Trent Alexander-Arnold (£8.5m) and Diogo Jota (£8.1m) or Darwin Nunez (£7.4m) in the coming weeks. With two Spurs and two Chelsea players in my squad, there's a fair chance I'll be playing Free Hit in BGW26.

Branil Sheth (@Lateriser12)

I currently have three players from Man City and two from Liverpool. I am likely to bring in a third Liverpool player in Gameweek 24 as City and Liverpool and Luton Town both have great fixtures. To take advantage of this, I recommend setting up your Double Gameweek 25 team in Gameweek 24. A fixture swing, and two free transfers to an empty Gameweek 26, can help you cope with a reduced schedule.

Udkarsh Dalmia (@ZopharFPL)

I think prioritizing the three Man City players over Liverpool is the way to go, as City have an empty Gameweek 26 and the EFL Cup Final could result in a double Gameweek 25 rotation for Liverpool. Sensei waits until Gameweek 25 to invest in Liverpool as we learn more about fitness Mohammed Salah (£13.0m) and Alexander-Arnold.

Gianni Puttis (@GianniButtice)

Liverpool and Man City are the teams to target for DGW25 and both come with the benefit of having a favorable Gameweek 24 fixture, so it makes sense to jump in early to boost their headlines this weekend. I currently own a trio of Man City Attackers whom And Nunez. I also plan to buy a Luton defender who starts at home to Sheffield United in Gameweek 24.

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Press (@Pras_FPL)

This is a case of attacking players of higher skill Holland, De Bruyne, whom, Nunez, Alexander-Arnold And Leg. I would try to own four or five of these players. If it's my budget or BGW26 and I can't get all six, I don't care.

Mark McKettigan (@FPLGeneral)

I got it now Alexander-Arnold, Leg And Holland For DGW25. The plan is to reach six and a half before rolling. whom, Nunez And a Man City defender is likely to come in – two free this week, then another at DGW25. I can field nine players in BGW26. If it goes down to seven or eight, I'll soldier on, saving the free hit for later.

Sam Banfield (@FPLFamily)

I have Holland And De Bruyne Already ahead of DGW25 in my team. I'll add those numbers to a couple of assets this week. I am likely to go whom And Alfie Doughty (£4.5m) this week, before waiting for news as long as possible Salah Ahead of DGW25 before bringing in any other players. My plan is to free hit in BGW26, although I'm likely to play with nine or 10 players and then let the potential of free hit increase over a double gameweek.

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