China has launched its first 6G technology test satellite

China, 6 Jan 2024 (ATB Digital).- Telecom giant China Mobile announced the launch of two test satellites into low-Earth orbit last Saturday, aimed at conducting tests of its integrated space and terrestrial communications network.

According to the company, the China Mobile 01 Star It is the world's first signal processing satellite equipped with an enabling system Check the integration of 5G earth-space technology.

The company further said Star Core Verification Satellite It is the world's first device with a satellite core network system based on a distributed autonomous architecture for 6G technology. The device was jointly developed by China Mobile and the Microsatellite Innovation Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

As for the Star Core system, it was noted that this would allow for the reconfiguration of its 'software' in orbit and the deployment of the central satellite network's operations and their automated management. According to China Mobile, these features will improve the performance and reliability of the core network's in-orbit operation.

A platform for future ESP networksSeo-Earth

Both satellites are located just 500 kilometers from the Earth's surface. At this altitude, satellite devices offer several advantages, such as lower latency and higher data transfer rates, compared to devices traveling in orbits 36,000 kilometers high.

On the other hand, China Mobile assured that these satellites are an important platform Future Integrated Space and Terrestrial NetworksWhen placed in low orbit, satellites can provide high-bandwidth Internet and compensate for the lack of coverage of land mobile networks.

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Finally, the Chinese company highlighted that it will carry out in-orbit tests with its test satellites to speed up the integration and expansion of industries dealing with space-to-Earth technology.

Fuente: RT

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