How can volcanic eruptions be predicted? – DW – 12/15/2023

Researchers are working to better understand when and how the volcano erupts.

Image: Kamchatka/YAY Images/IMAGO

Magma Mysteries – How Volcanoes Erupt

Molten and semi-molten magma flows beneath the Earth’s surface, hidden from our view. But to study and better understand how magma behaves, researchers can simulate its formation in the lab.

Image: Felice Di Martino/Italy Photo Press/IMAGO

The biggest supervolcano is hidden from view

Campi Flegre, west of Naples in Italy, is a caldera — a cauldron-like hollow — that spans more than 150 square kilometers. Seismic activity in the region is high and the floor of the caldera is rising, fueling concerns that it could erupt.

Image: Giuseppe Di Stefano/AP Photo/Image Alliance

Simulated Explosions – Explosions in the laboratory

When will the volcano erupt? When does it explode very slowly without exploding? This is the question that volcanologists seek to answer. No one can see inside the crater. But laboratory experiments can show how magma erupts and erupts.

Image: Picture Alliance/AP/Evan Chetiyavan

Tambora 1815 – Super eruption with global impact

1816 became known as the „year without a summer” in Europe. Last year there was a terrible eruption at Mount Tambora in Indonesia. Ash from the volcano darkened the skies around the world, resulting in failed harvests, famine and epidemics.


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