Govt committed to digitizing economy – FBC News

The coalition government is committed to digitizing the economy.

Trade Minister Manoa Kamikamika says the initiative will improve efficiency in service delivery and ensure investors have confidence in conducting their businesses in Fiji.

Kamikamika said investors face many challenges in applying for a license to conduct business and this initiative will ensure ease of doing business.

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“I joke to everyone that you queue a lot when you come to Fiji and it’s because of the manual nature of doing business. That will certainly change now and in the future in my view.

Kamikamika, the government has taken a significant step towards digitizing the economy as they have tried to automate various tasks to speed up any use for investment.

„The first program is called Starting a Business, which means when you register a company, it’s basically an online process, and gone are the days where you have to go around and stand in line for a tax number. And everything else you have to do. It’s automated.”

Kamikamika says the government is relying on a national digital strategy to help build the economy, which will be available later in the year.

The government has collaborated with the International Telecommunication Union to undertake a consultation on digitizing the economy.

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