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Updated: January 09, 2024 07:52 AM

Cheryl-Anne Mapp, blue economist for the Bermuda Ocean Prosperity Program, said the collaboration would help diversify the economy (File photo by Akhil Simmons)

The government is also associated with the Entrepreneurship Development Program with the aim of promoting the blue economy.

The Bermuda Ocean Prosperity Program, an initiative in partnership with Ignite Bermuda, offers three entrepreneurs who want to develop businesses related to marine resources the opportunity to participate.

The pilot will begin in the first quarter when the Ignite Accelerator Program begins accepting applications for the first cohort of the year.

Cheryl-Anne Mapp, Blue Economist at BOPP, said: “We want to support the local community and support diversification in the economy.

„We see this partnership with Ignite as a way to create blue economy business opportunities.”

Ignite aims to support innovation in the growth and scale of their businesses and organizations. It offers an entrepreneurship curriculum, a local training and mentoring network, and the co-creation of a formalized, youth-focused curriculum with community partners.

Ignite has more than 300 graduates. Its free, five-month accelerator program is open to all local entrepreneurs and community leaders, and offers business development opportunities.

„The term blue economy refers to the sustainable use of marine resources for economic growth, improved livelihoods and increased jobs while protecting the health of marine ecosystems,” the government statement said.

„Bermuda's Blue Economy Strategy aims to facilitate sustainable fisheries, expand sustainable marine tourism, accelerate the clean energy transition and increase blue investment and blue technologies on the island.”

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Blue entrepreneurs include those who start or develop businesses that address the challenges facing the ocean as a result of climate change, promote the sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth, improved livelihoods and jobs, and support ocean health and safety.

Deputy Prime Minister and Home Affairs Minister Walter Robben said: “The collaboration between the BOPP and Ignite Bermuda is an early success for Bermuda's Blue Economy Strategy. The project is an opportunity to support traditional sustainable livelihoods based on Bermuda's precious ocean.

Sean Riel, Executive Director of the Accelerator Program added: “Ignite is honored to be selected as a partner in this important initiative for Bermuda. New jobs and opportunities are essential for the future as this is a sustainable environment.

Applications for the Ignite Accelerator Program will open online on January 15 with a February 2 deadline.

Anyone interested can learn more about it In addition, Ignite is hosting an open house on January 24 at 5:30 p.m., giving those interested in the program an opportunity to ask questions.

RSVP should be emailed to [email protected].

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