Hey big tipper: Tatler reveals the most generous givers when it comes to gratuity following Sir Rod Stewart's ten biggest tipping sprees

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Legend has it that the late comedian Tommy Cooper slipped something into a cab driver's pocket after a long ride. 'Get me a drink,' winked Cooper. Only that evening when the cabman checked his pocket, he found nothing but a tea bag. In fact, money isn't the only tip celebrities dish out. Zendaya and Tom Holland have been spotted – according to a gossip site Deuxmoy, to show a little more drinking grace than Naughty Cooper – buying the drinks of everyone behind them in line at the popular coffee chain. It was a noble move. See, tipping is about more than money, it's about optics. Just like this James Gordon yelled at a server at a restaurantHolland and Zendaya are definitely going in the public's good books for a gesture that, let's face it, spider man Or pleasure The stars are very retrograde.

Big tippers Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn reportedly left a tip at the Holly Bush pub in Hampstead.

Big dippers? Taylor Swift and Joe Alvin reportedly left a tip at the Holly Bush pub in Hampstead.

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Wondering where to find celebrities dropping cash? Or maybe you're an employee and wondering where you can get the best gratuity? London's bustling culinary scene is not short of celebrity hotspots. Deuxmoy Queen B and Jay Z were dubbed super high tippers and were spotted at Cipriani London on Davies Street, just like Sir Rod. Wannabe employees, get your applications in pronto! The Chiltern Firehouse has big names, so you're sure to get some service on the bill from the likes of Dua Lipa, the ever-so-generous Harry Styles (who's rumored to have lived in his Hampstead home for a while. Updated) or Princess Beatrice, who held her engagement party there. A step 2018 studyBackground music in a cafe or restaurant affects tipping behavior – Abbas Queen of dance Above all.

So, Mayfair may have been a hotbed of glamorous gratuity in those days, but celebrities head north – to Gleneagles.

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