Goodbye to Wi-Fi problems: This technology leaves conventional routers behind

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The Wi-Fi connection This is important for using mobile devices and laptops at home or at work. However, conventional routers cannot cope with the growing needs of users. A solution to this situation is provided by Wi-Fi mesh technology, which represents a quality leap and can now be purchased in the country.

specific, Wi-Fi mesh It offers two major advantages over traditional routers: It increases the strength of the wireless signal in all areas of the home, thus, guaranteeing high connection speeds.

Wi-Fi Mesh: Keys to this technology

Conventional routers use their antennas to radiate their signal from a single point. Although Wi-Fi technology and its range have improved a lot in recent years, the fact remains The signal weakens as the user moves away From the location of your router.

To solve this problem, the „Mesh” technology (mesh or network, in English), it combines two or three interconnected Wi-Fi access points to provide a very wide coverage and stands out for its signal strength.

These types of solutions are perfect for large homes, offices or homes with more than one floor.

Mesh differs from traditional Wi-Fi repeaters Its installation is very simpleBecause the user buys a kit with already built-in components for easy connection.

The Vektor 3600-AC from Nexxt Home is a mesh system that offers speeds of up to 3600 Mbps.

Why Use Wi-Fi Mesh?

One advantage of a Wi-Fi machine is that it allows a large number of wireless devices to be connected simultaneously and guarantees good bandwidth for all of them. In addition, nodes that form the mesh are usually included Ports to connect any network device via Ethernet cableAs happens with conventional routers.

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„Unlike conventional Wi-Fi, mesh technology allows the Internet signal to reach All corners of the house without slowing down the connection speed. „A wider solution than a single router and/or extender is needed, especially in larger homes where it is difficult to cover a traditional router network with more than one floor or thick walls,” explained Erica Merlo, product manager. Territory for South Cone by manufacturer Next Solutions Home.

The brand offers its Vektor 3600-AC device in Argentina, which complies with the Wi-FI AC standard (WiFi 5) and consists of 3 nodes interconnected up to a distance of 10 meters and capable of providing total coverage. Up to 428 square meters in optimum condition.

„Thanks to its capacity and excellent coverage, WiFi Mesh allows users to see 4K videosListen to music in high quality and activate sound settings Home Automation And cameras Video surveillance„, emphasized Merleau.

Currently, mesh systems up to 3 modules from various manufacturers are available in Argentina, some of which are compatible with WiFi 6.

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