GAA Competitions 2024: Allianz Football League and Hurling League Competitions

Devices listed in order of categories. Scroll down for football divisions two, three and four.

Keep scrolling for National Hurling League fixtures. All times are GMT. Fitting details are subject to change.

Section One

Kerry v Derry, Tralee, 17:30

Dublin v Monaghan, Croke Park, 19:30

Galway v Mayo, Salthill, 13:45

Tyrone v Roscommon, Omagh, 15:45

Mayo v Dublin, Castlebar, 19:30

Monaghan v Kerry, Clones, 13:00

Roscommon v Galway, Dr Hyde Park, 14:00

Derry v Tyrone, Celtic Park, 15:45

Derry v Monaghan, Celtic Park, 17:00

Dublin v Roscommon, Croke Park, 17:00

Kerry v Mayo, Tralee, 19:30

Tyrone v Galway, Omagh, 13:45

Tyrone v Mayo, Omagh, 17:15

Dublin v Kerry, Croke Park, 19:30

Galway v Derry, Tuam, 13:45

Roscommon v Monaghan, Dr Hyde Park, 13:45

Derry v Dublin, Celtic Park, 17:00

Mayo v Roscommon, Castlebar, 19:30

Kerry v Tyrone, Killarney, 13:15

Monaghan v Galway, Clones, 15:15

Galway v Dublin, Salthill, 15:15

Tyrone v Monaghan, Omagh, 19:30

Roscommon v Kerry, Dr Hyde Park, 13:45

Mayo v Derry, Castlebar, 15:45

Derry v Roscommon, Celtic Park, 13:45

Dublin v Tyrone, Croke Park, 13:45

Kerry v Galway, Killarney, 13:45

Monaghan v Mayo, Clones, 13:45

Section Two

Meath v Fermanagh, Navan, 14:30

Kildare v Cavan, Netwatch Cullen Park, 17:00

Armagh v Louth, Athletic Ground, 18:00 (Watch live on BBC iPlayer)

Donegal v Cork, Ballybophy, 13:45

Armagh v Meath, Athletic Ground, 18:00

Fermanagh v Kildare, Brewster Park, 18:00 (Watch live on BBC iPlayer)

Louth v Cork, RT, 13:00

Cavan v Donegal, Breffni Park, 16:00

Donegal v Fermanagh, Letterkenny, 14:00 (Watch live on BBC iPlayer)

Cork v Cavan, Park Uy Chaom, 16:00

Meath v Louth, Navan, 14:00

Kildare v Armagh, Cullen Park, 15:45

Fermanagh v Cork, Eternal St Joseph's, 14:00

Louth v Cavan, RT, 14:00

Meath v Kildare, Navan, 14:00

Fermanagh v Armagh, Brewster Park, 18:00 (Watch live on BBC iPlayer)

Cavan v Meath, Breffni Park, 19:00

Donegal v Louth, Ballyshannon, 14:00

Cork v Kildare, Park ui Chaom, 15:30

Armagh v Cavan, Athletic Ground, 17:00

Kildare v Donegal, Cullen Park, 17:00

Meath v Cork, Navan, 13:45

Louth v Fermanagh, Ardee, 13:00

Cavan v Fermanagh, Breffni Park, 19:00

Cork v Armagh, Park Uy Chaom, 19:00

Donegal v Meath, Ballybophy, 19:00

Kildare v Louth, Cullen Park, 19:00

Section Three

Limerick v Antrim, Rathkeale, 12:30

Clare v Sligo, Ennis, 14:00

Offaly v Westmeath, Tullamore, 14:00

Wicklow v Town, Aughrim, 14:00

Town v Limerick, Newry, 18:00

Antrim v Offaly, Corrigan Park, 14:00

Sligo v Wicklow, Markievicz Park, 14:00

Westmeath v Clare, Mullingar, 14:00

Antrim v Down, Corrigan Park, 14:00

Limerick v Sligo, Rathkeale, 14:00

Offaly v Clare, Tullamore, 14:00

Wicklow v Westmeath, Aughrim, 14:00

Town v Offaly, Berk Essler, Newry, 18:00

Clare v Wicklow, Ennis, 14:00

Sligo v Antrim, Markievicz Park, 14:00

Westmeath v Limerick, Mullingar, 14:00

Limerick v Clare, Rathkeel, 18:00

Antrim v Westmeath, Corrigan Park, 14:00

Town v Sligo, Newry, 14:00

Offaly v Wicklow, Tullamore, 14:00

Wicklow v Limerick, Aughrim, 15:00

Clare v Antrim, Ennis, 12:30

Sligo v Offaly, Markievicz Park, 14:00

Westmeath v Town, Mullingar, 14:00

Antrim v Wicklow, Corrigan Park, 14:00

Town v Clare, Burke Esler, Newry, 14:00

Offaly v Limerick, Tullamore, 14:00

Sligo v Westmeath, Markievicz Park, 14:00


Tipperary v Carlow, Thurles, 18:00

Laois v Longford, Portlaoise, 18:00

London v Wexford, Ruislip, 13:00

Waterford v Leitrim, Fraher Field, 14:00

Carlow v Waterford, Cullen Park, 18:00

Wexford v Laois, Wexford Park, 18:00

Leitrim v London, Carrick-on-Shannon, 13:00

Longford v Tipperary, Pearse Park, 14:00

Laois v Carlow, Portlaoise, 18:00

Waterford v Longford, Fraher Field, 18:00

London v Tipperary, Ruislip, 13:00

Leitrim v Wexford, Carrick-on-Shannon, 14:00

Wexford v Waterford, Wexford Park, 17:00

Carlow v Leitrim, Cullen Park, 14:00

Tipperary v Laois, Thurles, 14:00

Carlow v Wexford, Cullen Park, 19:00

Laois v London, Portlaoise, 7pm

Longford v Leitrim, Pearse Park, 14:00

Tipperary v Waterford, Thurles, 14:00

London v Waterford, Ruislip, 13:00

Laois v Leitrim, Portlaoise, 16:15

Tipperary v Wexford, Thurles, 18:00

Longford v Carlow, Pearse Park, 14:00

Carlow v London, Cullen Park, 13:00

Leitrim v Tipperary, Carrick-on-Shannon, 13:00

Waterford v Laois, Fraher Field, 13:00

Wexford v Longford, Wexford Park, 13:00

Division One, Two, Three & Four Finals

Allianz Hurling League

Section One A

Clare v Cork, Ennis, 13:45

Kilkenny v Wexford, Nowlan Park, 13:45

Offaly v Waterford, Tullamore, 14:00

Wexford v Offaly, Wexford Park, 17:00

Cork v Kilkenny, Park Ui Caiimh, 19:30

Waterford v Clare, Walsh Park, 13:45

Kilkenny v Offaly, Nowlan Park, 13:45

Cork v Waterford, Park ui Chaom, 15:45

Wexford v Clare, Wexford Park, 15:45

Offaly v Cork, Tullamore, 13:15

Clare v Kilkenny, Ennis, 13:30

Waterford v Wexford, Walsh Park, 15:30

Waterford v Kilkenny, Walsh Park, 15:00

Offaly v Clare, Tullamore, 13:45

Wexford v Cork, Wexford Park, 13:45

Section One B

Galway v Westmeath, Salthill, 14:00

Dublin v Tipperary, Parnell Park, 14:30

Limerick v Antrim, Gaelic Ground, 14:00

Antrim v Dublin, Corrigan Park, 13:45

Westmeath v Limerick, Mullingar, 14:00

Tipperary v Galway, Thurles, 15:45

Tipperary v Westmeath, Thurles, 16:00

Dublin v Limerick, Croke Park, 17:15

Antrim v Galway, Corrigan Park, 13:00

Westmeath v Antrim, Mullingar, 15:30

Limerick v Tipperary, Gaelic Ground, 19:35

Galway v Dublin, Salthill, 13:30

Antrim v Tipperary, Corrigan Park, 15:00 (Watch live on BBC iPlayer)

Dublin v Westmeath, Parnell Park, 13:45

Limerick v Galway, Gaelic Ground, 13:45


Kerry v Carlow, Tralee, 13:00

Laois v Town, Portlaoise, 14:00

Meath v Kildare, Navan, 14:00

Town v Kerry, Ballycrown, 13:00 (Watch live on BBC iPlayer)

Kildare v Laois, Hockfield, 14:00

Laois v Carlow, Portlaoise, 18:00

Town v Kildare, Ballychron, 14:00

Kerry v Meath, Tralee, 14:00

Kildare v Kerry, Hockfield, 14:00

Carlow v Town, Cullen Park, 13:00

Meath v Laois, Navan, 14:00

Section Two B

Roscommon v London, Athleigh, 12:30

Derry v Tyrone, Celtic Park, 13:30

Wicklow v Donegal, Aughrim, 14:00

Donegal v Derry, Letterkenny, 14:30

London v Wicklow, Ruislip, 13:00

Tyrone v Roscommon, Omagh, 14:00

Tyrone v Donegal, Omagh, 15:00

Derry v London, Owenbeck, 13:00

Wicklow v Roscommon, Aughrim, 14:00

London v Tyrone, Ruislip, 13:00

Roscommon v Donegal, Dr Hyde Park, 14:00

Wicklow v Derry, Aughrim, 14:00

Derry v Roscommon, Owenbeck, 13:00

Donegal v London, Letterkenny, 13:00

Tyrone v Wicklow, Omagh, 13:00


Sligo v Cavan, Markievicz Park, 2pm

Louth v Monaghan, Tarver, 14:00

Mayo v Armagh, Castlebar, 14:00

Cavan v Louth, Kingspan Breffni, 14:00

Armagh v Sligo, Athletic Ground, 14:00

Monaghan v Mayo, TBC, 14:00

Louth v Sligo, Tarver, 13:00

Mayo v Cavan, Castlebar, 14:00

Monaghan v Armagh, TBC, 14:00

Mayo v Louth, Castlebar, 14:00

Mayo v Louth, Castlebar, 14:00

Sligo v Monaghan, Markievicz Park, 2pm

Armagh v Louth, Athletic Ground, 14:30

Cavan v Monaghan, Breffni Park, 14:30

Sligo v Mayo, Markievicz Park, 2.30pm

Section Three B

Lancashire v Longford, Abbottstown, 13:00

Warwickshire v Leitrim, Birmingham, 13:00

Leitrim v Fermanagh, Carrick-on-Shannon, 14:00

Longford v Warwickshire, Pearse Park, 13:00

Fermanagh v Warwickshire, Brewster Park, 14:00

Leitrim v Lancashire, Carrick-on-Shannon, 14:00

Fermanagh v Lancashire, Brewster Park, 14:00

Longford v Leitrim, Pearse Park, 14:00

Fermanagh v Longford, Brewster Park, 14:30

Warwickshire v Lancashire, Birmingham, 14:30

Division One, Two A, Two B, Three A, Three B semi-finals

Division One & Two B Elimination Play-offs

Division Two A, Two B, Three A & Three B Finals

Section one is final

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