Manueco exemplifies the commitment to „revolutionize” transportation with the help of „technology”.

Junta de Castilla y León President Alfonso Fernandez ManyucoVisited yesterday Soria Bus Stand has been renovated At the unofficial inauguration of the infrastructure where the investments were made 4.5 million euros. Manyuko stressed the board's commitment „Revolution” in public transport with the help of „technology”.

„We didn't go from the 19th century to the 20th century to the 21st,” commented the regional president, recreating a conversation he had with Carlos Martínez, mayor of Soria, during a visit to the facilities. The renewed infrastructure was a „significant” day that showed „the board's commitment to the modernization and transformation of Soria.”

Manueco highlighted an investment of 4.5 million 2.6 million from European funds This puts Soria „at the forefront of public transport”. The President praised some of the developments like Closed docks „Comforting” or „„Intelligent Restoration” of a building that includes spaces for business or commercial use. The station moves one block 500,000 passengers and 25,000 operations per year.

The renovation of the Soria station is part of a regional project for the modernization of bus stations worth 35 million euros. After completing the intervention in Syria, the Almazan intervention will begin „this quarter” and then it will be the „already written plan” of El Burgo.

In addition to this plan for infrastructure, Manyuco highlighted the commitment. 32 million to implement intelligent services in public transport. Its mission is to „revolutionize the transport system hand in hand with technology”. The President explained that the system will allow users to Telematic booking Transportation as required or Electronic payment In addition to „real-time” information on the status of routes and highways.

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„Commitment to technology is highly relevant,” the president reiterated „Commitment to Modernize and Improve Public Transport”. At the Soria level, he emphasized the objective to „be more effective in the service of Soria by providing more services and creating opportunities.”

Manugo further indicated that the upcoming works would be completed PassersbyNext to the station, used Rent for youth And it is more energy efficient. „It will soon be available to these young people,” he explained. Finally, he announced that they were already working on an emergency plan to act Almazan's exit bridge towards Cobertelada Damaged after Hurricane Juan.

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