Dragos Nicolae has been suspended from Madras Tennis

The International Tennis Integrity Institute (ITIA) today confirms that Swedish tennis player Dragos Nicolae Madras has been suspended from the sport for four years and six months and fined $2,500 for breaching the Tennis Anti-Corruption Program (TACP).

ITIA accused Madras of breaching the Tennis Anti-Corruption Program (TACP) following incidents where Madras refused to submit a personal device for testing by ITIA investigators.

Instead of handing over their mobile phone for testing, Madaras sent the device to his brother, Patrick, who secured access to an event under the guise of being Dragos' hit partner. Patrick refuses to surrender the device before leaving the scene.

On 28 February 2024, a hearing was held before the Independent Anti-Corruption Investigation Officer (AHO) Charles Hollander KC, in which the AHO Hollander found Dragos Madaras in breach of sections F.2.b (failure to cooperate) and D.1. l of TACP (accreditation by misrepresentation).

Madras have been provisionally suspended from 17 August 2023 and the time served under provisional suspension will be credited against their period of ineligibility. Therefore, their suspension ends on February 16, 2028.

During the period of ineligibility, the player is prohibited from playing, training or participating in any tennis event recognized or sanctioned by members of the ITIA (ATP, ITF, WTA, Tennis Australia, Fédération Française de Tennis, Wimbledon and USTA). or any national association.

Patrick Madaras, who has no professional role in tennis, has been found to have breached section F.2.b of the TACP and has been suspended from participating in any tennis event recognized or authorized by the ITIA or members of any national association. Two years and six months.

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The ITIA is an independent organization formed by its tennis members to encourage, promote, promote and protect the integrity of professional tennis worldwide.

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