Figure's humanoid robot uses OpenAI technology to interact with humans – true

Backed by major investors such as Jeff Bezos, Microsoft, Nvidia and OpenAI, Figure showed in a video its humanoid robot Figure 01 capable of maintaining conversations and reasoning, thanks to OpenAI's technology. Intelligence ChatGPT.

In the video, the robot, which replaces its face with a screen and can move its body and arms like a human, accurately answers human questions. When asked what he sees, the Android mentions specific details such as „a red apple on a plate in the center of the table, a drying rack with cups.”

Additionally, the robot is capable of performing physical actions in response to human requests. In one scene, the robot is asked to deliver something to eat, and the android responds by delivering an apple, explaining that it did so because it was the only edible item on the table.

OpenAI recently signed a partnership agreement with Figure to develop next-generation artificial intelligence models for robots. Image 01 is designed for use in environments such as factories, warehouses and retail.

The company has yet to announce contracts of this type, although potential use is seen in the defense sector. The Figure team, made up of AI robotics experts from companies such as Boston Dynamics, Tesla and Google DeepMind, is on a mission to „extend human capabilities through advanced AI.”

Several companies, including Tesla, Boston Dynamics and Technologies, are working on developing humanoid robots. Supported by advanced technology such as that provided by OpenAI, Figure's Figure 01 robot is a significant step towards integrating artificial intelligence into human interaction and everyday tasks.

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