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At the age of 15, Danna Sofia Quintero Lozada, Biotechnology is a branch of science that contributes to the development of innovations focused on improving the production conditions of various crops and contributes to the adoption of more ecological agricultural practices.

For this reason, together with their colleagues from the 'Jesús María Aguirre' educational institution, they are developing a prototype for dehydrating food with the aim of raising awareness of the importance of food safety and environmental sustainability. To contribute to reduce the loss of raw materials in the agricultural sector.

This is made possible by the work of the Traveling TechnoAcademy of the La Angostura Agro-Industrial Training Center in the Huila region, which breaks geographical barriers and brings children from rural institutions closer to the world of possibilities surrounding research and technology. Agriculture sector should be improved.

„Tecnoacademia was wonderful for me, because I learned about research topics that I had never seen before, they supported me to develop projects that I never thought of, and it is very satisfying to know that SENA encourages us to research and interest. Innovate”Derrick Obregon Moreno trained at TechnoAcademia.

Maidy Tatiana Perdomo, promoter of Tecnoacademia, said that so far this year, this SENA strategy has benefited more than 1,000 children from the north of Huila, who today have developed projects focused on providing solutions to rural areas.

„Through this strategy, we allow boys, girls, teenagers and young adults to immerse themselves in interactive learning, where they take their first step into the army and experience first-hand how technology can transform agriculture. From prototypes to crop monitoring to even automated irrigation. Interact with farmers and experts and explore their creativity. , these systems are created by our interns who contribute to their training process by exposing themselves to a world of possibilities, a love of science.”Facilitator of Traveling TechnoAcademia says.

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Through its mobile classroom that travels through 14 Huila municipalities, the Itinerant TechnoAcademy inspires new generations to bet on the countryside through innovative processes, with the aim that in the future they themselves will be agents of rural change.

„It was very exciting, we learn new things that we can then apply in our farms and they reinforce what we learn in school”Danna Sofía Quintero concludes.

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