From Cheps Stunners to Max's Magic – 10 Best Stages as Red Bull Joins the 100 Club

Monaco 2023 / Pole #86 / Verstappen

When it comes to last-ditch efforts, Verstappen's performance in qualifying for the 2023 Monaco Grand Prix takes some of the winnings as he overtook Alpine's Esteban Ocon, Ferrari's Leclerc and Aston Martin's Fernando Alonso on his final lap.

Verstappen struggled to stay in the mix through the first two sections, with the recent Red Bulls generally proving weak on tight, twisty street tracks, but posted the final sector of all finals – brushing a few barriers for good measure. To snatch the top spot.

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Japan 2023 / Pole #92 / Verstappen

For the 10th and final round on this list we return to another substantial pole edge, with Verstappen and the all-conquering RB20 teaming up for last season's fast, flowing Suzuka circuit – soon to be crowned 2023 champion. Qualified in his own league.

Verstappen's benchmark lap in the pole 'shootout' was more than a sixth in the McLarens of Oscar Piastri and Lando Norris, with Perez stumbling second and sixth and left scratching his head as to where he had found his team-mate. So long.

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