Fustecma's 'Sihs' technology is a commitment to the future of digitizing showrooms

Castle FustecmaThe Villavella company, a benchmark in the design, production and execution of commercial architecture and ceramic showroom projects, stands out in this edition of Chevisama for its technology. Sikh, the company says, is an innovative comprehensive digitization system for ceramic displays that represents a revolution in the field. An innovative project recognized this week with one of the Alfa d'Oro awards.

Founder and CEO of Fustecma, Jose Matas, highlights the importance of innovation in the exhibition sector as well. „Sihs technology supports the company and it is a great bet for the future for the ceramic cluster,” he said. Matas highlights the importance of innovating with digitalization systems such as those recognized at the International Tile Fair. “Ceramic pieces have evolved and so should we, and we will be hand in hand with the sector,” he points out.

Mathas explains Sikh This is an important innovation and enhances the experience when serving a porcelain product. This is a screen where you can get information about the area you are interested in. On clicking, a panel will appear with the full series tiles and in another panel, videos about the series. Technology that simplifies the buyer experience and product knowledge. At the same time, it also provides the company with interest information so that it can know which products are generating the most interest. And, as he notes, „a good presentation adds value to the product.”

Photo: Carlos Pascual

Fustecma is a company established at the end of 2001 as a family business, a manufacturer of display stands. Currently, the company has grown and has facilities with the latest technological advancements in an area of ​​around 6,000 square meters.

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