Former minister Oduah says Tinubu government will revive Nigeria's economy

Former Minister of Aviation, Senator Stella Oduah, has insisted that the All Progressives Congress (APC) administration led by President Bola Tinubu is steadily strengthening and transforming the country's economy for sustained stability and visible growth.

Addressing the Igbo business community in Abuja at the weekend, the former minister commended President Tinubu for his apparent commitment to infrastructural development in the South East, as well as recognition, acceptance and inclusion in the governance of the region.

Senator Oduah praised Tinubu and the national leadership of the APC for appointing the Imo State governor, Hope Usodimma as the party's South-East regional coordinator. He said he joined the ABC recently because of Governor Usothimma's appointment and his initiative. APC's presence on the ground of federal presence and development for the region.

Stressing that the Tinubu administration was not given to loud fanfare, self-aggrandizement and showboating, he said the achievements of the Oduwa administration were not speculative but real and verifiable.

Oduah described the administration's policy foundation as practical, systematic and strategic to unlock the nation's productive capacities and unleash creativity with huge job opportunities for innovative Nigerians, especially the youth in all sectors.

He asserted that if Nigerians continue to implement the renewed faith agenda and embrace its principles, the hardships facing the country will soon become a thing of the past.

“Chief Tinubu is a listening leader and a silent achiever. He is not given to propaganda, media hype and showboating. He focuses on the mandate, and his accomplishments are not speculative, but real and verifiable.

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„His policies have practically, methodically and strategically helped to unlock the nation's productive capacities. With the Renewed Confidence Agenda and the adoption of it by Nigerians, this administration has been quietly unleashing the brilliance of Nigerians, creating massive employment opportunities in every sector of the economy, especially for our youth.

He commended Tinubu for the 30 per cent affirmative action on inclusion of youths in appointments and participation in governance, in addition to approving the release of N60 billion for the welfare of youths under the Agricultural Investment and Small and Medium Enterprises Programme.

According to Oduah, such initiatives indicate the significant commitment of the President to unlock and harness the skills of Nigerian youths and reposition them for greater productivity, self-sufficiency and global competitiveness in all critical sectors.

He also lauded the President for his bold efforts in clearing the inherited $7 billion foreign exchange balance.

On party activities, Senator Oduah stressed that the appointment of Governor Usothimma has further endeared the South East to the APC given his reputation in the region due to his achievements in government. Make further inroads in the next round of elections and take absolute leadership of the region.

The Anambra-born senator stressed that there are many benefits for a government that respects, encourages and supports creativity, productivity and the quest for content in the South East.

He urged members of the Igbo business community to stand united in support of President Tinubu, Governor Usothimma and the APC.

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