Five facts about the gap between women in technology that affect their learning and employment opportunities

good morning. We showed that yesterday 35% of users feel safe in your online banking activities. Many of us rely on the same technology, except to reject scam messages. For example in Tokens.

Tokenization is a technology developed to secure information with a unique code. But it is not that safe. announced the launch of a product called Visa Providing intelligenceBased on artificial intelligence.


The problem reaches:

$450 million

For losses due to fraud cheater Tokens According to Visa, it will be „issued” worldwide illegally by 2022.


We also commented yesterday Skill shortages and a shrinking workforce (especially women) due to many factors. Among them, technological progress and the skills of people in low-skilled occupations.

The Telecommunication Surveillance (Sutel) Created a digital dashboard with 21 indicators to visualize the access gap to Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) At the gender level.

Cynthia Arias, President de SudelThat said, the data disaggregated by gender reveals the complex realities experienced by men and women in Costa Rica regarding access to and use of ICTs.

He Enterprise Project Information and Knowledge Society (PROSIC)from the University of Costa Rica, has already recalled the importance of ICTs for the development of the economy: a 10% increase in the penetration of fixed and mobile Internet worldwide increases the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by 0.77 to 1.6%.

He 2023 Prosic Report It also warns of the gap in women's access to communication technologies affecting their training and employment opportunities. According to the organization, female-headed households lack access to devices and internet, especially because of the cost or „they don't need it”.

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Shows that access to data will be available in 2022 from Sutel Female headed households It was:

85% InternetJust below the men's leadership.

50% of computersThis is 57% in male-headed households.

72% of Pay TVA little below being led by men.

96% on mobile phoneA little below being led by men.

– The only difference in landline phone, not much, is in favor of women (See map)

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4 information of the day


He Development Bank of Latin America and the Caribbean (CAF) It made its first debt issue in 2024 and the company's second in the last three months was $1.75 billion, signs of interest for $6.4 billion and 3.6 times the demand from more than 150 investors.


Financial Co-op It announced that ¢2,000 million in funding is available for micro, small and medium businesses and people with sustainable initiatives.

New Scam

The fraud is rocking the global recycling and metals industry as Germany's Arubis fears organized criminals have infiltrated and carried out multi-million dollar thefts. Financial Times.


Darius Hughes, head of Moderna UK and a key figure in Pfizer's pioneering Covid-19 vaccine campaign, explains. Guardian Medicine is being personalized and the technology to make messenger RNA vaccines against new strains of Covid-19 and other diseases.

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First 3 EF

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