The photos of Lionel Messi in Miami created with artificial intelligence revolutionized the networks

Artificial intelligence reinvented the stay Lionel Messi and Miami Photo: INSTAGRAM / @chatgptricks

Lionel Messi Football revolutionized the world He promised to continue his career at Inter Miami. After two seasons Paris St. Germain (PSG)The 35-year-old attacker ended his stay in Europe to achieve MLSA league that has him as the best player on and off the field.

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As a result of that decision, the fans Inter Miami They hoped Argentina’s appearance would lift a poor start to a season in which he was in last place. On the other hand, as with large-scale events in a wide variety of fields, the Artificial intelligence intervened in this matter and showed some pictures – reproduced with technology What will Rosario’s life be like in America?

Picture of Lionel Messi in Miami, with guitar in hand, Artificial Intelligence: INSTAGRAM / @chatgptricks

With guitar in hand, artificial intelligence recreated the image of Lionel Messi in Miami Photo: INSTAGRAM / @chatgptricks

As happened on previous occasions, the I.A It tends to follow each person’s facial features perfectly Pope Francisco oh Donald Trump And the case Lionel Messi This is no exception among the many snapshots in which the former Paris Saint-Germain player has been spotted Rested on a beach And even with a Barcelona shirt.

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With the beach and sea in the background, Messi It’s illustrated with a mascot, a guitar and diving through one of the most touristy parts of the North American country that will soon open its doors.

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Picture of Lionel Messi in artificial intelligence recreó Miami: INSTAGRAM / @chatgptricks

Artificial intelligence recreated the image of Lionel Messi in Miami Photo: INSTAGRAM / @chatgptricks

Awaiting your arrival at your new club, Argentina is immersed in a tour of the Asian continent Argentina national team Facing, first, Australia will end his tour against Indonesia.

Despite the rumours, connecting him FC BarcelonaThe Argentine decided to leave the old continent to pursue his career America. Before confirming it, Talked to Argentina Sports world And he explained the reasons that led him to take that decision.

„I was really excited to come back, but, on the other hand, after what I experienced and what I left, I don’t want to be in the same situation again: waiting to see what happens. My future is going to be left in someone else’s hands. Thinking about myself and my family, I wanted to make my own decision”, the Argentine star explained when asked about a desperate return to Barca.

And he added: „I want to reunite with my family, my children, day by day with joy and happiness… That’s why the decision not to give up on Barcelona was a bit taken.”

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Finally, Messi, who is tight-lipped about his short-term plans, said his sights are set on moving to MLS: „I decided to go to Miami. I’m not one hundred percent closed yet. I was missing a few things, but we decided to continue the trail”.

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