Fieldias will explore how technology improves visibility in the supply chain in several webinars

Fieldias Will arrange Three web pagesUnder the title 'Vision and Control for Supply Chains in Motion'along with The month of February To analyze in detail how Technology improves visibility in the supply chain From a comprehensive point of view, what benefits does this bring to all actors in the chain?

In these three meetings, the company will examine how its visibility tool is doing Fieldia's Track and Trace enables the deployment of an interdisciplinary, collaborative and hyperconnected logistics model. To advance the construction of an efficient, resilient and transparent supply chain.

Among them, Rodrigo Martin, Transport and Logistics Manager Fieldias, and Alfonso Martin, Presales Manager Fieldias, They will present their views on how to achieve greater visibility in the supply chain and how to address the challenges posed by digitization in the planning and execution processes of transport operations.

Management of loading and unloading docks

The meeting will focus on the first of the three meetings Collaboratively improve dock management and titled to be held on Thursday, February 8 at 4 p.m 'Collaboratively Improve Dock Management'.

In this session we will analyze Fieldias' specific technology role in anticipating loading and unloading management Through a collaborative model to increase the efficiency of warehouse work and adapt operations to regulatory changes.

More specifically, let's learn how during a virtual meeting Software of the company Promotes management Places From a joint systemThe Forecasting supervision, capacity management and supervision of logistics facilitiesas well as Control of stoppages and arrivals at the plant.

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A second webinar will be held on Thursday, February 15 at 4 p.m 'Prepare for eCMR with Full Legal Guarantee'. The meeting will focus on Benefits e-CMR brings to all actors in the supply chain, from reducing paper usage to billing improvements. In particular, the legal protection offered by Fieldias' e-CMR will be analysed, incorporating an electronic signature.

Advance monitoring of transport processes

The last session of these three webinars will be held on Thursday, February 22 at 4 pm. 'Management by Exception: Effective Oversight of Transport Processes'.

This meeting will focus on Benefits offered by digitizing traffic through real-time data analysis to generate alerts and notifications Automatic In the event of unexpected events or critical situations, it will allow measures to be taken such as proactively managing traffic operations, improving handling of incidents in services and improving customer service.

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