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As technology continues to advance, the education sector faces a significant challenge: preparing a skilled workforce to adapt to a fast-paced, technology-driven world. Learning loss due to the pandemic and traditional rote-based teaching is hindering the potential of many students, affecting economic growth worldwide. However, these challenges present an opportunity to redefine the role of universities in serving their communities, bringing technology and innovation to the fore.

Innovation calls us to rethink the way we think about a problem and find a solution; It forces us to consider other perspectives, fosters empathy and allows us to find common ground to build solutions. At Arizona State University (ASU) we are known for reimagining service through education, access and technology, and turning that thinking into tangible solutions. It is on this path that, for eight consecutive years, we have been recognized by US News and World Report as #1 in innovation in America, ahead of Stanford and MIT.

It is clear that all universities can make a positive impact by using technology to personalize their teaching for different learning styles. This is where technologies come in, which are a trend and will continue to be: especially those involving generative AI and virtual reality.

Although both have received criticism, when used properly, for example, flight simulators and experiential learning allow students to gain valuable experience before starting their careers. Combining AI with interdisciplinary study offers universities the opportunity to create resources that promote critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

ASU is making this vision a reality in Peru through its alliance with Norbert Wiener University. This profound technological revolution has the potential to change the way we learn and teach, and educational institutions have a responsibility to position themselves as agents of change in their regions. Through this alliance, new ways will be found to embrace technology and innovation to deliver a world-class education to future generations of Peruvian students.

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