FCC Construction explains its digital transformation plans based on geospatial technology

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Madrid, October 4

FCC Construction presented at the Esri Spain Conference, Europe’s largest event in geotechnical engineering, combining more than 2,800 professionals, 200 projects, 150 presentations (20 in simultaneous sessions), different round tables and workshops for two consecutive days.

FCC Construction Company explained Esri Spain ConferenceEurope’s largest event in geotechnology, combining 2,800 experts, 200 projects, 150 presentations (in 20 simultaneous sessions), different round tables and workshops over two consecutive days.

Under the motto „Creating the world we want to see”, some of the most innovative projects in the use of geographic technology in Europe are presented at the Esri Spain conference, which shows different ways of using geographic information systems (GIS, for that. Abbreviation in English), with a holistic approach, to create a better world, That is, by using science and technology, a problem or challenge can be solved from all perspectives.

Geotechnology as a Corporate Organization: Digital Transformation
GIS is a powerful tool to help organizations undertake digital transformation globally and at any scale. This includes its integration into business processes and operations, allowing the organization itself to use geospatial information to make strategic decisions, manage resources, analyze data, and track assets in the business environment.

The world is actively modernizing its infrastructure and GIS is at the center of this transformation. Building sustainable infrastructure requires a deep understanding of each asset, its location, and its relationship to its surroundings.

In this sense, Juan Ramon Mena, Digital-BIM Manager at FCC Construction During his presentation at the plenary session, he explained how the company is pioneering the digitization of construction processes and how Building Information Modeling (BIM) and GIS have been integrated into the Highway 465 project. Chiefs of valleys In Wales (United Kingdom) with a view to monitoring and monitoring the activities of the existing line widening work.

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to Jose Carlos Rico PerezDepartment Manager FCC Construction BIM„FCC is a leader in innovation, committed to digitizing and positioning its programs as levers of social, economic and environmental change. We have designed the Geospatial Portal as a meeting point around GIS technology. Its mission is to bring innovation and digital tools that inform users, corporate practices and processes. We deliver projects with BIM thanks to integrated and integrated geographic information systems, so that we can respond to needs at all stages of projects to make progress. Together with corporate teams and our partners, with new tools for collaboration and integration.”

During the plenary session of the conference, the future of smart cities was highlighted, thanks to the development of the role of public administrations for a more sustainable future. Digital twins; Tools to aid decision-making, simulations and monitoring of the impact of activities on the environment and tourism.

Precisely, the tourism industry will play a key role during the conference, as companies and public administrations use GIS to collect data on tourists’ preferences and behaviors, with the aim of efficient planning and resource management.

FCC Construction’s commitment to digitization continues to advance through the GIS Portal (Geographic Information Systems or GIS).

It is considered a meeting point around GIS technology with the aim of bringing users closer to digital tools that add value to their projects.

Through this portal, access to projects with GIS implementation will be provided, with a brief description accessible to any interested person. Access to specific GIS portals is subject to permission management by projects.

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The implementation of functions within the portal will be progressive, with the idea of ​​responding to a wide variety of needs at all stages of projects.

FCC Construction has become a pioneer and leader in the implementation of this type of technical equipment and stands as a market leader.

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