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League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) 2023 Lower Bracket Final vs. T1 Provides BLG. There’s a lot on the line as the winner moves on to the Grand Finals against JD Gaming. T1 is the only LCK team left in the tournament, and two juggernauts from China stand in its way. It’s Faker vs. Yagao, LCK vs. LPL, and D1 vs. PLG.

As fans can’t wait for this astronomical matchup, let’s get into some key analysis and statistics.

Preview of T1 vs BLG in League of Legends MSI 2023 Lower Bracket Finals


The LCK Spring 2023 runner-up, T1, looked hot from the start at MSI. The team won their first two matches against MAD Lions and GenG. While the game against MAD was a breeze, the GenG series was a grind. It was a „silver scrape”, and T1 came out on top to avenge the LCK final loss.

T1’s stats and form were considered the best team in the world before they clashed with JD Gaming in the Upper Bracket Final. T1 fought until the end, but it wasn’t enough as JDG excelled in all aspects and won the series 3-2. LPL Spring Champion Knight, Ruler and 369 did well to stop T1’s winning streak at MSI.

JDG waits in the finals and BLG waits to face T1 in the lower bracket finals, which is T1 vs. T1 at MSI. is LPL. Back-to-back wins against LPL champions and runners-up are required to win the T1 tournament. T1 now lacks the momentum that the team struggled with in the last game. „GOAT,” Faker’s Nautilus, and Owner’s Kindred were very limited choices. However, the ADC, Kumayusi, was still very influential.

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On the other hand, LPL Spring second seed Philly Gaming (PLG) put on an impressive performance against Genji as the fans went wild. Its back-to-back run from the play-ins to the lower bracket finish is very encouraging. Fans expected them to lose against the LCK Spring Champion, but instead, the team outplayed GenG in every department and won the series 3-0.

BLG’s top laner, Pin, played well throughout the series with his Zacks, Gwen, and Scion Picks. Chaotic team fights and excellent objective controls completely overshadowed GenG’s almost perfect playstyle. Also, ADC, Zhao „Elk” Jiahao, dominated the series with 31/4/24.

Against T1, the team will still be considered underdogs. However, if the side can replicate its previous performance, it should eventually win and meet its regional rival JD Gaming.

The T1 vs. BLG winner will face JDG in the grand finals this Sunday for the MSI 2023 title. In terms of predictions, Faker and Co are expected to win the series 3-1 despite BLG’s excellent form. However, players like Pin and Elk can completely turn the tide of the game.

face to face

For the first time in League of Legends history, fans will see T1 vs BLG.

Previous results

T1 lost their previous series 2-3 against JDG in the Upper Bracket Finals.

Alternatively, BLG defeated GenG 3-0 in their previous match in the lower bracket semi-finals.

T1 vs BLG MSI 2023 Lists


  • Above – Zeus
  • Forest – one
  • Mid – Faker (2 MSI Cups)
  • Below – Kumayusi
  • Support – Keria
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Bilibili Gaming

  • Top – Back (1 MSI file)
  • Forest – Xun
  • Middle – Yagao
  • Pat – Elk
  • Support – Ann

Livestream details

The League of Legends MSI 2023 Lower Bracket Final matchup D1 vs. PLG will be broadcast live on May 20, 2023 at 4am PT/4:30pm IST on LoL Esports YouTube and official website and on Riot Games’ Twitch channel. .

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