Bio Pharma expects ambassador candidates to help grow global presence

BANDUNG, WEST JAVA (ANTARA) – State-owned pharmaceutical company PT Bio Farma said it expects ambassador and consular general candidates to help strengthen its presence on the global stage.

Ambassadors and ambassadors play an important role in strengthening BioPharma’s market expansion, Iuliana Indriati, the company’s director of business research and development, said in a statement on Friday.

„Pharmaceutical SOEs Holding seeks to be more active in the global market in the future with various new products and innovations, of course with the support of Indonesian representatives abroad,” he added.

PT Bio Farma received visits from six Indonesian Consular Candidates and seven Consular General Candidates. Indriati thanked the diplomats for visiting his office.

Bio Pharma has been exporting products meeting World Health Organization (WHO) standards for over 25 years, he said.

This is certainly a proud achievement and part of BioPharma’s commitment to strengthening global resilience and health in the future, which will require cooperation and collaboration.

According to Foreign Ministry official Muhsin Saihab, during Indonesia’s G20 presidency, one of the country’s priority pillars is global health architecture, especially accelerating global health recovery after COVID-19.

With this in mind, many countries lack world-class vaccine research, development, distribution and manufacturing companies, so Indonesians should be proud to have BioPharma.

„Bio-pharma is expected to become a hub in Asia and the Asia-Pacific, making it Asia’s pride,” Saihab noted.

Collaboration between BioPharma and the Ministry of External Affairs is critical now, as many future collaborations will require strategy.

„Through this, the center is expected to enable and strengthen the presence of biopharma in the global healthcare ecosystem with various challenges in the future,” he said.

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