Everyone hated the dress I wore to my friend’s wedding and said it was inappropriate

By Belinda Cleary for Daily Mail Australia

01:53 11 August 2023, Updated 02:07 11 August 2023

  • The girl slapped her wedding guest’s outfit
  • People said she loved it but it didn’t fit

A young woman has been cruelly branded an 'attention-seeking brat’ after wearing a 'tasteless’ dress to her friend’s wedding day.

The woman paired a floor-length fluffy tulle skirt with a metallic handkerchief and boasted about 'breaking the dress code’ on TikTok in a video that showed her interacting with traditionally dressed guests.

In the now viral video, the tall brunette beauty flaunts the skirt and top combo as she proudly struts around with her friends.

’Rate our wedding guest dresses,’ she wrote in the video.

Anastasia and her friends then milled around together, the tall beauty blocking the others from the camera as they modeled their wedding day look.

But most of the ratings came down to personal opinions about Anastasia’s quirky outfit.

„I like playing dress up,” said one girl.

Women lined up in their dresses and asked people to criticize

While another boldly added: 'The skirt and top combo is awful. Only the top is awesome, only the skirt is awesome. Bad together.’

’It looks like a laundry day 'fit’,’ added another.

Some went a step further and insisted that the dress was designed to steal all the attention that day.

’At a wedding? Where is the respect’ asked one.

’She looks like she’s a bride,’ said another.

’I feel it’s too „look at me” to wear sequins or sparkles to a wedding,’ said another.

Others said the 'attitude’ was the worst part of the video.

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’Why was it so hard for her to fit everyone in the shot?’

Some sided with the wedding guests.

Most people loved this dress
They slapped the young woman’s taste

„I really like Combo – she’s so cute,” one girl said.

„You look amazing – ignore the fashion illiterates,” said another.

Most people agreed that the girl in the yellow dress was the best dressed, followed by the guest in pink.

A few days after the initial videos were dropped, the UK-based TikToker released another one.

„Everyone hated the dress, but what about the hair and makeup,” she asked boldly.

’It makes you look old,’ said one woman – her comment echoed by dozens.

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