’I still have a lot of dreams about her’: Angelina Jolie’s intimidating personality scared $120M TV producer into canceling date

The Hollywood industry is a melting pot of talented people flocking to its doors in search of fame and fortune. Those who make it big here should be equally rewarded based on their looks and their ability to please people. Angelina Jolie is a great example of how a strong personality can take you to the top of the industry ladder.

Angelina Jolie

Along with those traits, there is also the attention an individual receives from people from all walks of life. On one occasion, television producer Rosie O’Donnell was mesmerized by the actress’s charm, but decided to keep her emotions in check when she was genuinely intimidated by Jolie’s presence and personality.

Rosie O’Donnell going to dinner with Angelina Jolie is sacred

Rosie O'Donnell
Rosie O’Donnell

Considered by many to be one of the most beautiful women on the planet, it’s no wonder Angelina Jolie scares people around her. Her strong and captivating gaze mixed with her flowing body language, but stern demeanor is definitely a polarizing one. Comedian and TV producer Rosie O’Donnell found this out first hand when they decided to go on a date but had to cancel because she was scared. Laura Croft Star.

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In 2009, the Not sleeping in Seattle The star was having a rocky relationship with his ex-wife Kelly Carpenter, with O’Donnell claiming he flirted with Jolie over his phone during their split. She revealed that they chatted regularly and, at one point, set up a date with her Maleficent Star. But soon, she was intimidated by Jolie’s intimidating personality and sensual presence and had to cancel. She said:

„She gave me her phone number and we talked on the phone two or three times, but that was it . . . there was a tentative plan to have dinner that never came. I was a little scared of her. She’s sexually scared. I still have a lot of dreams about her. .

This is a time when Jolie recently got married to Brad Pitt, which may seem a bit odd, but Pitt doesn’t mind and neither does Jolie.

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What’s next for Angelina Jolie?

Angelina Jolie as Thena in a still from Eternals
A still of Angelina Jolie as Thena Eternals

While she’s keeping her career on the down low at the moment, her return as Dena in the MCU is inevitable. After the events eternals, We see many events that happen to each of the sentient beings that change the course of their adventure. The post-credits scenes give hints of what to expect, and we can only assume they’ll have a big hand in shaping the franchise’s future.

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eternals, Streaming on Disney+.

Source: American magazine

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