Equinix prepares for AI boom with cooling technology

  • Equinix is ​​installing advanced cooling technologies in more than 100 of its data centers.
  • The rise of AI will bring more energy-intensive workloads to the cloud.
  • The technology is important to customers concerned about sustainability and energy bills.
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Equinix is ​​preparing for the rise of artificial intelligence by equipping more than 100 of its data centers with advanced liquid cooling technologies.

He Data Center Operator It began work on building the infrastructure needed to support the new technologies at its more than 100 data centers in 45 locations around the world, including London, San Francisco and Singapore. This new technology is characterized by direct-to-chip cooling and backdoor heat exchangers.

Equinix is ​​one of the largest data center companies in the world. Its 250 data centers rent space, hardware and bandwidth to other companies to store data and run cloud workloads.

As companies begin to experiment with applications of artificial intelligence, industry experts express concern A large amount of energy Run those workloads.

How does Equinix cooling technology work?

Generative AI applications run on graphics processing cards (or GPUs), which are more powerful than the chips used to run conventional cloud services; However, they heat up very quickly.

John Lin, executive vice president and general manager of Equinix Data Center, said, „It is absolutely imperative that data center providers drive more businesses to use high-performance cooling technologies to support their AI and other compute-intensive workloads and services.

The data centers will feature new liquid cooling technology that helps lower temperatures in Equinix machines. This allows your fans to run at lower speeds, saving energy and money.

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Additionally, data centers will use direct-to-chip technology powered by cold plates on top of the chips that act as radiators and allow cool air to flow through the server rack like hot air. comes out.

The development of artificial intelligence pushes us to look for more sustainable energy solutions

Lin said the rise of artificial intelligence, along with increasing customer interest in energy efficiency and sustainability, is driving the „standardization” of the latest technologies.

He added that Equinix is ​​operating at a high speed. The first of the company’s data centers to house the new technology will be completed in the first quarter of 2024.

Equinix already offers rack heat exchangers at most of its locations, the executive said; They are currently developing advanced technologies.

„The availability of highly efficient data center capacity will be critical to mitigating the carbon impacts of advanced computing,” Lin said.

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