Enrique Volkers Nin, Assistant Secretary for Innovation, Information, Data and Technology, Resigns – Telemundo Puerto Rico

Governor Pedro Rafael Pierluisi Urrutia announced this Friday that Enrique Volkers Nin, Assistant Secretary of the Government for Innovation-Information-Data and Technology Matters, has resigned to devote himself to work in the private sector.

Robert Mendes, the government's assistant secretary for priority programs, will assume key responsibilities left by Volckers.

“Under the leadership of Enrique Volkers, my administration's digital agenda has taken major steps forward with direct results for our people. During his tenure at PRITS in La Fortaleza and as Assistant Secretary of Innovation-Information-Data and Technology, thanks to his collaboration, energy and commitment, initiatives aimed at simplifying, expanding and transforming government services were achieved. Citizens. I wish you great success in your new venture,” the governor said in written statements.

He noted that Puerto Rico is a pioneer in initiatives such as VACU-ID, an innovative digital vaccine credential that serves as an example for other jurisdictions, among initiatives Völkers Nin has directed and included. Also, data transparency and decision-making were expanded with the Citizen Information Portal (PIC) and the Puerto Rico Accountability Platform. Similarly, government interoperability was achieved through Ideal System and essential services were revolutionized through CESCO Digital, SURI and Digital Marbet. At the same time, the foundation was laid for the broadband infrastructure needed to transform Puerto Rico with the Smart Island program, which promotes the elimination of the digital divide.

For his part, Völkers Nin expressed, „I am very grateful to Governor Pedro Pierluisi for the trust he has placed in me to lead these changes and for the opportunity to contribute to such a significant change in our government. I have learned and grown professionally during this time and take with me valuable memories and invaluable experiences.”

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