Kevin Spacey talks to Chris Cuomo in his first TV appearance in years

Kevin Spacey spoke with Chris Cuomo in an interview with News Nation on Thursday, marking his first television appearance in years.

During the interview, Spacey said he was „very happy today and living a very real and open life.”

He said he was „ready to move forward” and blamed „fear” for the ongoing pressure against returning to acting.

„I’m very lucky to have everyone up to speed and I know there will be more coming soon,” he said. „But who I’ve talked to, they love me, they believe in me. They’ve stood up to me personally… but they’re afraid to stand up. And I’ve been very lucky that people have been honest with me. And I think it’s a shame that people don’t know what they believe and what they feel. We’ve come to a place as a society that’s afraid to speak up because they’re afraid they’ll be canceled too.

Spacey has not worked in Hollywood since 2017 when several men accused him of sexual misconduct. In 2022, a New York jury found him not responsible for the 1980s attack on actor Anthony Rapp, and he was acquitted of nine charges last summer. Against him in London. Several cases were also dropped, but this month, 10 more men were accused of abuse Spacey UnmaskedA two-part Channel 4 documentary directed by Kathryn Haywood.

Earlier this month, Spacey pushed back against the project, lashing out at producers on social media, saying, „I will not sit back and have a one-sided 'documentary’ of a network dying about me in a desperate bid for ratings.” He was not given time to respond.

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Spacey told Cuomo on Thursday that he „accepts responsibility, and I think it’s incredibly important,” but „I’m not going to take responsibility for things that I didn’t do or that were exaggerated or greatly altered.”

„Now you know my role – it’s like everything else in life. You know, you’re presented with something, you know, you react to it or you make a decision about it, it’s not the right decision, and you do it again and again,” he said. He also said.

Following Cuomo’s announcement of the exclusive interview, Spacey wrote in X, previously tweeted, “Long time watcher, first time guest. It’s an honor to join you on the other side of the Awakened, Chris.

This week, actors Liam Neeson, Sharon Stone and F. Murray Abraham joined director Stephen Fry in supporting Spacey. telegram They felt humiliated House of cards The actor wants to return to Hollywood.

Spacey told Cuomo that Hollywood’s support was a „huge amount.” It’s very gratifying,” but clarified, “I want to go back to work. I’d rather have you in a movie than sit here and answer questions on your show.

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