Electricity 4.0: Technology to power the cities of the future

In a world where more than 80% of electricity generation still relies on fossil fuels, there is a need to address climate change. Energy production and management stand as fundamental pillars to address this global challenge.

Schneider Electric, a world leader in digital transformation and energy automation, proposes the integration of electricity and digitization as the most efficient solution to solving the environmental crisis. Under the concept of Electricity 4.0, the company promotes innovative alternatives in energy management.

What is Electricity 4.0?

Electricity 4.0 is a fundamental evolution in the way we conceive and use energy. In a world where the need to address climate change is growing, the discovery stands as a beacon of hope. In essence, Electricity 4.0 combines advances in electrification and digitization to create cleaner, more efficient and integrated solutions for our cities and industries.

This technological revolution not only promotes greater efficiency in energy production and distribution, but also allows greater control and monitoring in real time. Digitizing energy through advanced sensors and systems provides critical data to help cities and businesses make more informed decisions, reduce energy waste and promote the adoption of cleaner energy sources.

Schneider Electric: A sustainable partner for the cities of the future

Schneider Electric is committed to being a sustainable business partner using Electricity 4.0 to help decision makers manage their operations more efficiently and ecologically in buildings, factories, homes, businesses, hospitals and other urban spaces.

The company recently held its Innovation Day 2023 in Mexico City, bringing together experts and leaders to discuss how Electricity 4.0 can accelerate the necessary changes towards a sustainable future.

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Although Schneider Electric is not an energy producer, its technology enables and conserves energy consumption in a sustainable way. Digitization of the company provides a data source to manage energy in real-time and optimize processes with greater precision.

Major areas of work include electrification, real-time metering and efficient power distribution. Intelligence is achieved through connectivity and software that interprets data, facilitating the decarbonization of buildings, industries and entire cities.

Smart Energy as the Key to Climate Change

Energy plays a key role in the climate crisis, and improving its efficiency is an urgent need. With Electricity 4.0, Schneider Electric is positioning itself as a driver of the transition towards cleaner and better energy.

Jesús Carmona, President and CEO of Schneider Electric Mexico and Central America, emphasizes the importance of controlling climate change without compromising the sustainable development of communities.

Electricity in buildings and factories 4.0

The construction and operation of buildings is responsible for 38% of global CO2 emissions, while the industrial sector contributes another 30%. Schneider Electric sees Electricity 4.0 as an opportunity to improve sustainability and operational continuity, reduce costs and its environmental impact.

The use of specialized software allows the adoption of open and interoperable architectures, facilitating decision-making based on critical data.

Towards a sustainable future with Electricity 4.0

Global warming and climate change are the most pressing challenges of our era. Schneider Electric is committed to providing industries and cities with the technologies they need and forging a path towards sustainability in this ever-changing world.

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